Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Famous African-American(Black) Freemason

Shaq says he is a Freemason

Rev. Jesse Jackson Freemason and CFR(Council of Foreign Relations) Member

Rev. Al Sharpton Freemason

Legendary Singer Nat King Cole Freemason

Kwesi Mfume former NAACP President and Freemason

Scottie Pippen NBA World Champion Freemason

W.E.B. Du Bois Freemason

Here is a list of other Famous Black Freemasons click here to view the list.


Is Freemasonry a religion?

Is the Lodge a Temple?

Can a person be a Christian and a Freemason?

Is masonry a social club or a secret society?

What does the Bible say about taking oaths?

Does freemasonry accept all religions?

What was Albert Pike view of Blacks becoming Freemasons?

We will examine all the above questions, in a soon coming article.  


  1. i can answer most of these questions for you my friend!

  2. no it's not a religion

    Yes the lodge is a temple ONLY in the since that it's design is in likeness of king solomon's temple erected to god

    most masons are christians. the aim of masonry is to live a christ-like life.

    masonry is neither a social club nor a secret society. it can be correlated more to a fraternity only because of the brotherly love

    the bible does say let your word be your word and not to take oaths but before you condemn masonry for that, realize that when you go to court you take an oath, if you hold some sort of government or political office you take an oath. when you say the pledge of allegiance of the flag of the united states of america you pledge an oath to this country. you take oaths nearly everyday so speaking of an oath is petty in this sense.

    freemasons do accept all religions including the roman catholics. the only religion not accepted is satanism

    with albert pike being born during a time slavery was acceptable and prominent among many people, this question is irrelevant to masonry.

  3. It's all satanic and veiled under a guise of "goodness". The first oath they take is called the hoodwink and they are blindfolded and a tow rope attached to them....this results in their inability to discern the truth. They are "blind" and "bound" from that point forward because of a verbal declaration and oath taking. The ones at the highest level DO know they worship satan.

  4. Anonymous. your right. Only the High Degrees Know the Agenda the lower degrees are Clueless.OH! let Me not Forget more than 75% of the World is Clueless. ASLEEP.

    1. Well said Brother! Your speaking the absolute truth!