Thursday, August 31, 2023

DC Comics Exposed: Shazam and Black Adam Are Wizards

We will examine DC Comics' latest comics to significant motion pictures, Shazam and Black Adam, and uncover the truth about Shazam and Black Adam. Are they really wizards?

Join us as we explore the biblical perspective on wizards and the occult and how these comic book characters are influenced by dark forces. We will also explore the origins of these characters and their connections to the occult.

Shazam: The First Occult Superhero

Let's look at Shazam, the wizard who bestows Billy Batson with supernatural powers. Did you know that Shazam is considered the first occult superhero?

Grant Morrison, a prolific comic book writer, reveals in his book "Super Gods" that Shazam's powers come from a spell and that he is a magician. When Shazam says his name Shazam, it is an incantation, he receives his powers from the gods: S- King Solomon-WisdomReverence by Freemasons and Occult-, H-Hercules- Strength, A- Atlas.-grants stamina, Z-Zeus-lends his power, A-Achilles- gives him courage, and M-Mercury-who shares his speed. All of which is how Shazam is empowered by magic.         

But what does this mean in terms of occult symbolism and hidden knowledge?

Let's dive deeper into the mystical origins of Shazam and the dark forces behind his powers.

Black Adam: Empowered by Egyptian Gods

Now, let's turn our attention to Black Adam, another character who receives his powers through the wizard Shazam. Like Shazam, Black Adam's powers are connected to ancient Egyptian gods.

By invoking the name Shazam, Black Adam gains supernatural abilities from these deities. But what is the true source of his power?

We will explore the occult acronyms associated with Black Adam's powers and the influence of demonic spirits on his abilities.

The Seductive Power of DC Comics

As we delve deeper into DC Comics, it becomes clear that these stories go beyond mere entertainment. The writers and creators behind these comics often have deep involvement in the occult and use various techniques, including psychedelic drugs, to enhance their writing.

These comics serve as a tool to seduce people into gravitating toward the powers of darkness. Join us as we uncover the hidden agenda behind these seemingly innocent superhero stories.


In conclusion, the world of DC Comics is not as innocent as it seems. Characters like Shazam and Black Adam are not just superheroes but symbols of the occult and the influence of demonic forces.

By understanding the hidden symbolism and incantations within these comics, we can see how they are used to indoctrinate and prepare people for the kingdom of the Antichrist. To learn more about the dark secrets of DC Comics, watch our latest video, and don't forget to sign up for our blog and YouTube Channel for more updates on Bible prophecy and the end times.