Monday, July 24, 2023

The Coming Alien Deception! Soon Coming Satanic Demonic Invasion


We will discuss the soon-coming satanic, demonic invasion. But first, let's connect this topic to Revelation Chapter 12 and explore how recent events shape the narrative.

Connecting Revelation Chapter 12

Revelation Chapter 12 describes the expulsion of Satan and his cohorts from Heaven and their arrival on Earth. We can see how recent reports of UFO sightings by the US government, especially involving navy crafts and airplanes, set the stage for this deception.

Celebrities like Demi Lovato, who openly discuss their interest in extraterrestrials and UFOs, further contribute to the narrative. When Satan and the fallen angels come to Earth, they will initially present themselves as benevolent beings, but their true nefarious nature will be revealed. This will coincide with God's judgment and the chaos caused by these demonic beings.

The Stars of Heaven

In Revelation Chapter 12, the "stars of heaven" refer to angelic beings rather than literal stars. This is confirmed in Job Chapter 38, where the morning stars are described as the sons of God.

Jesus also mentions the stars of heaven falling in Mark Chapter 13, indicating the connection between fallen angels and these celestial beings.

The Bottomless Pit and Torment

Revelation Chapter 9 describes a star falling from heaven and opening the bottomless pit, releasing smoke and locust-like creatures. These beings have the power to torment those who are not sealed by God.

This imagery is connected to the depiction of locusts in the book of Joel, where they represent demonic beings. The fallen star mentioned in Revelation symbolizes a fallen angel.

Fallen Stars as Evil Angelic Beings

Throughout ancient Near Eastern literature, fallen stars are often associated with evil angelic beings or demons. This is seen in texts such as First Enoch, the Testament of Solomon, and the Book of Jude.

In Revelation Chapter 12, Satan is called the dragon who deceived the whole world, and his angels are cast out with him.


As we delve deeper into the topic of the coming alien deception and the satanic, demonic invasion, it becomes clear that recent events and cultural influences align with biblical prophecies. The stage is set for a great deception, where fallen angels will present themselves as benevolent aliens.

Believers must discern the truth and remain steadfast in their faith. Watch the full video and sign up for our Blog and YouTube Channel to learn more about this topic. Remember, the end times are near, and we must stay informed and prepared.

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Antichrist and the 10 Kings Arising En Route to One World Government



Welcome to our channel! In this lesson, we will discuss the topic of "Antichrist and the 10 Kings Arising En Route to One World Government." Are you curious about the connections between current events and biblical prophecies?

Join us as we explore the significance of Revelation 17 and the rise of a global government.

Antichrist and the Ten Kings

In a recent article published in The Guardian, former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown called for a global government to address the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. This raises questions about the role of world leaders and international organizations in shaping our future.

Are we witnessing the fulfillment of biblical prophecies?

The key verse for this lesson is Revelation 17:11-14, which discusses the Beast and the Ten Kings. This verse is connected to Daniel 7:17-23, which provides further insights into the rise of these ten Kings.

Let's dive deeper into these scriptures and explore their significance.

Origins of the Ten Kings

According to ancient legends and philosophical works, Atlantis was a highly advanced civilization ruled by ten kings. Freemasons, who seek to recreate the Atlantis-like Age of Enlightenment, believe in ten kingdoms and governments.

This belief is tied to the idea of a one-world government. But what is the actual agenda behind this?

The Club of Rome and One World Government

The Club of Rome, founded in 1968, is a global think-tank that aims to address international political issues. However, their solutions often promote the concept of a world government at the expense of national sovereignty.

The Club of Rome has divided the world into ten political and economic regions, which they refer to as kingdoms. This blueprint for a one-world government has been in the works since the early 70s.

The League of Ten Kings

In Revelation 17:10-11, we read about the seven kings and the Beast. These seven kings are believed to represent seven kingdoms, including Egypt, Assyria, Neo-Babylonian, Persia, Greece, and Rome.

The eighth kingdom is seen as a revived Roman Empire, while the ten kings represent the kingdom of the Antichrist. This ties in with the League of Ten Kings concept, which Freemasonry sees as the natural form of human government.

The Hydra and the Illuminati

The Hydra, a mythical creature with seven heads, is mentioned in Revelation 17:7-9. Illuminati members are said to take oaths to three demonic entities: Lucifer, Beelzebub, and Hydra.

This ties in with the idea of a global conspiracy and the rebellion against the Lord and His anointed.

As we explore the connections between biblical prophecies and current events, it becomes clear that powerful forces are at play, seeking to establish a one-world government. The rise of the ten kings and the influence of organizations like the Club of Rome raise important questions about the future of our world.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Mark of the Beast 666 and All-Seeing Eye


We will be discussing the topic of the Mark of the Beast 666 and the All-Seeing Eye. Have you ever wondered about the symbolism and significance behind these concepts?

Join us as we delve into the scriptures and explore the occult influences conditioning society to embrace the Beast system.

Let's uncover the truth together.

Mark of the Beast 666 and All-Seeing Eye

In Revelation chapter 13, verses 14-18, we are warned about the Mark of the Beast and its implications. The mark will be given to all aspects of life, regardless of status or wealth.

It will be placed either on the right hand or the forehead. This mark is subtly introduced through various occult symbols, such as the All-Seeing Eye, which can be found in clothing lines, movies, cartoons, and other forms of media. People are being bombarded with these symbols and unknowingly conditioned to accept the Beast system.

The Power of Symbolism

Symbolism has always been a powerful language to communicate deep thoughts and ideas. It transcends spoken language's limitations and can reveal and conceal meaning.

Behind the scenes, there are individuals in positions of influence who are using symbolism to shape the mindset of society. They are part of secret societies and the elite, slowly conditioning people to embrace the Beast and Antichrist systems.

The All-Seeing Eye and its Origins

The All-Seeing Eye has its roots in ancient Egyptian mysteries and has been adopted by various occult practices throughout history. It symbolizes illumination and is associated with Lucifer.

When individuals open their "third eye," they believe they can contact Lucifer's consciousness. This symbol is used for divination, hexes, and control. It has even found its way into the music industry, with artists like Jay-Z using it in their performances and merchandise.

The Connection between 666 and the All-Seeing Eye

There is a profound connection between 666, the All-Seeing Eye, and the Mark of the Beast. While Christians see 666 as the mark of damnation, the occult sees it as a means of communication with heavenly beings.

They believe that using specific light and sound harmonics can elevate their thoughts and commune directly with the councils of light in the heavens. This connection further desensitizes people to the true implications of the Mark of the Beast.

The Significance of the Mark on the Forehead

According to various sources, including channeled writings, having a mark on the forehead signifies alignment with great truth and light. It represents those who have incarnated to serve God and create a new order.

This foretells the acceptance of the Antichrist as a god and the worship of the Beast. It promises that all wants will be supplied but ultimately leads to eternal damnation.


As Christians, we must be wise and discerning in these times. The world is conditioned to accept the Beast system, and many fall into unsound doctrine and strong delusions.

It is crucial to stay rooted in the truth and seek understanding. If you want to learn more about the Mark of the Beast and other end-time prophecies, I encourage you to watch the full video and sign up for our blog and YouTube Channel. Stay blessed, and remember to stay vigilant in these end times.