Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Monster Energy Drink Symbol Has 666 on It: Fact or Fiction?

Fact or Fiction the Monster Energy Drink Symbol is 666?

In the last couple of years, their has been Youtube videos done , and stories written online that the symbol on the energy drink Monster is indeed 666. Is this really fact or fiction? Are people just exaggerating that the symbol is 666?

If you take a close look at the picture below, the Hebrew alphabet Vav has an numerical value of the number 6. So if take Vav Vav Vav, it would translate to the numerical value of 666(source). The Monster Energy Drink has an identical symbol on its cans Vav Vav Vav on them. How ironic that this is the symbol, being used to brand one of the most popular energy drinks in the entire world. 

It isn't a sin to drink a Monster Energy Drink, nor will you go to Hell for consuming one! However, Satan is using symbolism in almost all facets of society, to desensitize people on the soon coming Mark of the Beast. We must be able to rightfully discern the times we live in these last and evil days.    

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Wonderful Message for the World: 3 girls who escaped from Boko Haram's mass abduction

Article Source: Business Insider

Protesters march in support of the girls kidnapped by members of Boko Haram in front of the Nigerian Embassy in Washington May 6, 2014.Three girls who escaped a mass abduction by Boko Haram one year ago today have a powerful message to share — the jihadists won't stop us from learning and living. 
Al Jazeera spoke with the girls, who were abducted along with more than 200 of their classmates before jumping off of the trucks of their kidnappers.
The three girls are now attending college at the University of Nigeria in Yola.
When asked if they want to go back to their hometown of Chibok, all three girls say yes.
"I want some changes in Chibok, like the environment," a girl called Blessing said. "I want to be a lawyer. I want to fight for justice. "
Another, Mary, says she wants to " become a medical doctor. To go to Chibok and build clinics and hospitals because we don't have educated doctors there. I will try hard."
The third, Deborah had a profound message: "It was said that if you educate a girl you educate the whole nation. It is very important. They haven't stopped me. ... That's why I am going back when I graduate. The education there is very poor. So I want to help by building a school. I want to empower women by creating centres that will teach them things."
The military conflict in the region makes it difficult to search for the captured children, and there are only rumors and brief sightings to go on.  The BBC reports that their classmates are likely being taught the Koran and married off to members of Boko Haram. 
Nevertheless, the ones who got away remain hopeful.
Deborah also sent a message to captive girls: "The message is be brave and courageous. Be a hard worker and always believe in God, that whatever you are going through, God is there for you, he will help you. Have ambition that you are great and you were made to be a great person." 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

False Christ Kanye West: New Version Of The Bible Replaces God With Kanye

OK on this week a new version of the Bible was released called "The Book of Yeezus," on sale for $20 on . Every mention of the name of God, is replaced with the name of Kanye or Yeezus. The creators of The Book of Yeezus, call it the Bible of the New Age(source). This is utterly blasphemy!   Is Kanye West really worshiped as a god?  Are really seeing Bible Prophecy fulfilled?

The Church of Yeezus(Kanye West)

Not only does Kanye West have a Bible named after him, but he also has a church formed after him called "The Church of Yeezus," in which West is worshiped as a god(source) . The Church of Yeezus even has their own Declaration of Faith:

 I believe I Am a God
I believe Yeezus Is a God
I believe in the creative power of Man
I believe God wants Man to create in his Image
I believe God wants Man to fully express himself
I believe money has become unnecessary
I believe Man has the power to create everything he wants and needs
I believe Yeezus will lead us into a new Age of Creativity
I believe I will help usher in the new Age of Creativity
Faith be in Yeezus
Faith be in God

Pics of Yeezus Believers from 

Seeing that West faithful followers have not only formed religion after him, and his followers declaring him a god(West also believes he is a god), but also creating a Bible after him is further proof that Kanye West is one of the many  Last Days False Christ that has arise. Jesus Christ warns us in Matthew 24:24, that one of the signs towards the end of the age is that many false christs and false prophets shall rise up. Kanye West is being used as a vessel of Satan, to lead people astray from Jesus Christ, by being looked upon as a Christ like figure.

Matthew 24:24

24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.


Friday, April 3, 2015

Is Easter Really Christian Holiday? Easters Pagan Origins!

Since around 1870 Easter became an American tradition, and millions of Christians celebrate Easter Sunday annually. Even a certain group of people only come to church once year on Easter Sunday as their religious duty for the year. Stores sell color dye for Easter eggs, chocolate rabbits, jelly beans, books sold about the Easter bunny, and Easter baskets. Grocery stores selling hams for families to have for Easter dinner.
However is Easter a Christian Holiday or not? Is Easter Biblical? Is the word Easter found in the Bible? What is the origins of Easter. On this episode we will examine these questions. 

Please click on the link below to listen to this entire episode. We did this show 2 years ago.