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Vampire (Demonic-Nephilim) in Texas Attacks Woman

Lyle Monroe Bensley of Galveston, Texas broke into a woman's apartment and attacked her while screaming about being a vampire, police said. The Houston Chronicle reported that Bensley slipped into the woman's bedroom early Saturday morning August 13th and made growling and hissing noises while biting and hitting her.

The New York Daily News in its article, "Texas man attacks, bites woman while claiming to be a vampire; He said he needed to feed," cops stated the following:

"The tattooed freak, clad only in a pair of boxer shorts, then dragged the woman out of the apartment before she broke free and jumped into the car of a passing neighbor, police told the paper.

Cops who responded to the scene at around 7 a.m. found the gothic goon screaming and growling in the building's parking lot and arrested him, the Chronicle reported.
"He was begging us to restrain him because he didn't want to kill us," Galveston Officer Daniel Erickson said. "He said he needed to feed."
Erickson said Bensley was babbling about his bloodsucking bona fides on the way to the lockup.
"I'm a vampire, and I've been alive for over 500 years," Bensley shouted, according to Erickson.
Bensley was booked on burglary  and assault charges and held on $40,000 bond.
Medics said he didn't appear to be on drugs during the incident, according to police.
The woman was not identified and police said Bensley did not know her."

Its obvious that this 19 year old man is demon possessed. Just look at his statements and his actions. He stated out loud that he is 500 years old, and a vampire that needed to feed. His actions were a violent attempt to bite this woman while making growling and hissing noises.  And notice that the Medics stated he didn't seem to be on drugs. The police didn't even think he was on drugs. He is a young man that has been overtaken by a demonic spirit. 
 Shows like Vampire Diaries,  True Blood, mega- box office hit movies Twilight series, and popular teen/young adult fantasy books like Vampire Kisses Series  , The Morganville Vampire Series,  House of Night , Vampire Academy, and  The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod  are evangelistic tools that lure today's youth into vampirism and the occult. People like Lyle Monroe Bensley are drawn into the "kingdom of darkness" by the seduction of seducing spirits of these above mediums.   You can go to any Borders or Barnes and Noble and you will find that the largest section of books for teens and young adults are occult themed books...especially books on vampires.

1996 Vampire Clan and Rod Ferrell      

We can go back to the 90's to see the effects of vampire cults, amongs teens. A prime example was Rob Ferrell.,  He was a teen vampire from Murray, Kentucky and the leader of a gang of teenagers called the "Vampire Clan in the mid  1990s."  Similar to Lyle Monroe Bensley, Ferrell told people that he was a 500 year old vampire named Vesango.  Then at other other times he would claim he was 60,000 years old. Ferrell is a charismatic leader that encouraged his gang to  practice bloodletting, dress in black clothes, play strange role-playing game, mutilate animals, drink each other's blood, and eventually committ murder

Ferrell and his followers on November 25, 1996 in Eustis, Florida murdered Naoma Ruth and Richard Wendorf.  They were the father and mother of  Ferrell's long-time friend, Heather Wendorf.  He was helping her to run away from home by killing them.  Eventually Ferrell was convicted of first degree murder and became the youngest person ever sentenced to death row in the United States.  Two years later the courts overturned his death sentence to life in prison. Ferrell, besides stating he was a 500 year old vampire named Vesango, claimed he was the Anti-Christ.

Nephilim  and Vampire Connection  

What I've found is that some vampire covens take their origins from Nephilim.  They believe they are the offspring of half-breed children; half angelic and half human (here, here , here). These covens base this on the supposing origins of vampires in Egypt and the Bible in the book of Genesis.  In chapter six, there is an account of the Pre  Flood days of Noah.  In Nephilim,  it is in  the Pseudepigrapha  Book of  Enoch. 

Why would these vampire covens believe vampires originated from the Nephilim?  During the Pre-Flood era Nephilim had an lust for blood.  Nephilim were violent beings who began to kill and eat each other.  Then they begin to eat human beings and drink blood. This is found in the Pseudepigrapha Book of  1 Enoch 7:3-6, Pseudepigrapha Book of Jubliees 7:21-25.  This may explain why in the seven Noahide Laws  , law six states not to eat live animals.  This may very well explain the cause of the law being in effect.  Nephilim ate both animals and human beings alive. Genesis 9:4 says, "But flesh with the life thereof, which is the thereof, shall ye not eat." Acts 15:20 says, "But that we write unto them, that they abstain from pollutions of idols, and from fornication, and from things strangled, and from blood." When people in vampirism eat or drink blood, it is a clear case of rebellion and witchcraft in the eyes of God. What is the fascination of vampires drinking blood? Vampires call this feeding, which is the act consuming of pranic energy blood. Pranic energy is blood.  But in the occult blood is consumed for the purpose of gaining supernatural satanic power.  The person operating under spirit of divination would use the method of  drinking blood for direct divination.  Another method used by vampires is called bloodletting, which is the act of cutting the flesh to extract blood.  It is commonly performed for blood play and feeding.  If you remember in 1 Kings 18:28 the prophets of Baal began to cut themselves and cry out loud to get their demon god to respond them on Mount Carmel with that epic battle against Yahweh and His Prophet Elijah. 

The fact of the matter is that the Nephilim are extinct from walking the Earth now (the main purpose of this article is not to get into a theological debate on how demons originated from fallen angels or disembodied spirits of the Nephilim) , however demons are now operating within the world by lieing, seducing, and deceiving young people like Lyle Monroe Bensley and Rob Ferrell.  There is a demonic spirit that is operating in these young men because they opened themselves up to these demonic forces. More and more young people are being suck into vampirism through satanic evangelism through the means of vampires on television, in the movies, role playing games, and reading books.  They are essentially being given over to seducing spirits and the doctrines of devils as it states in 1 Timothy 4:1. Satan, through the mediums of entertanment, is using the gospel of vampirism to pull young people into the kingdom of darkness. Revelation 9:20 states that in the last days the world would be openly into devil worship and worldwide satanic revival. We're seeing Bible prophecy being fulfilled  before own eyes and  that is why it is important that parents be in tune to what your kids watch, listen to, and read.  Satan is pulling out all the stops to gain the youth of today in order to lead them to their ultimately destruction and eternal damnation.


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Episcopal Bishop Demonic Vision of a New World Religion

The Episcopal Church has a history of heading down the fast road of apostasy. Their acceptance of homosexuality, abortion, witchcraft, and its departure from biblical Christianity  has led it into the ecumenical movement of interfaith and the one-world false religious system. Retired Bishop William Swing has a vision of forming a United Nation for Religion which would result in a one world religion.

Who is Bishop William Swing ?

Bishop William Swing is the retired Bishop of the Espicopal Diocese of California.  He wasconsecrated as the VII Bishop of California at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, on September 29, 1979. He was very active in helping people with HIV/AIDS and advocating for the elimination of homelessness in the city of San Francisco. Bishop Swing is best known for being the founder and president of the United Religions Initiative as a model to the United Nations for all religions.  Back in 1996 he traveled to China, Japan, South Korea, India, the Middle East, and Europe seeking guidance and commitment from leaders of many of the worlds' religions. The religous leaders he met with were the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, the Shankaracharya of Kanchipuram, Islam’s Grand Mufti of Egypt, and the Archbishop of Canterbury (source).

Swing is a supporter of homosexuality.  His former diocese California has a ministry for LGBT's called Oasis California.  This ministry allows the  LGBT community to be involved in the Episcopal ministry. In a letter Oasis California 2001 Convention, Bishop Swing states:

“Heterosexuals are a threat to marriage. Homosexual couples are a threat to the traditional institution of family. Homosexuals are kicked out of families and disowned. Then when they form their own families, they are abandoned by the Church. And when they raise their children, society treats them as being scandalously selfish. Nevertheless, we are all going to have to grow up and realize that the institution of family is changing before our eyes. Churches need to have family values -- values for the big, emerging family that has redefined itself.”

He also holds a negative view on  true Christian believers that uphold their faith.  He believes that these Christians are a threat to world peace. Swing is under the influence of the spirit of anti-christ.  He opposes the true church of Jesus Christ. Swing is against Judeo-Christian values and preaches and teach a false ecumenical gospel.

What is the United Religions Initiative?

The United Religions Initiative is an interfaith organization that is modeled like the United Nations for religion.  It helps end religious - motivated religion and aid in the peace of Earth.  In March of 2001, the URI became an official Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) affiliated with the United Nations. Swing's original vision for the URI began in 1993, when he was invited by the UN to host an interfaith service honoring the 50th anniversary of the signing of the UN Charter (source).

The United Religions Initiative involves the following groups: Christians, Islam, Judaism, Buddhist, Hinduism, Taoism Shamanism, New Age, Mormonism, Wicca, and Witchcraft.  All of these religions are united for the sole purpose of bringing a false peace and a false one - world religion.

Interesting enough, one of the key groups that was involved with the early stages of URI, was the Covenant of the Goddess , which is the world largest organization for witches. CoG members helped write the URI charter which states: "We the people of diverse religions, spiritual expressions, and indigenious traditiions throughout the world, hereby establish the United Religions Initiative to promote enduring, daily, interfaith cooperation, to create culture of peace, justice, an healing for the Earth for all living beings (source)."  The URI has brought CoG (Neopagans) into the mainstream of the cultures and made it acceptable. Other Neo-Pagan groups that support the URI are as follows: Coven of the Stone and the Mirror, Goddess Holding the World Mural Project,  Hippo Haven Wiccan Community, Pagan Educational Network, The Pagan Sanctuary Network, and the SerpentStone Coven in North Carolina(source).

The URI is also supported by Mikhail Gorbachev's organization, The State of the World Forum, Bishop Desmond Tutu, and New Age Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard .  The URI is supported by a variety of religious and political groups that have the same demonic vision of a one-world religion to bring about false peace.

Bishop Swing Endorses the Occult

One of the top members of the URI global council is Donald Frew.  He is the High Priest of Gardenerian coven in Berkley, California, and is the national interfaith representative for the Covenant of the Goddess.  Frew discussed interfaith gathering with Bishop Swing in which he states:, "A highlight for me was being asked to perform a traditional Wiccan foundation blessing in closing ceremony...I specially invoke Hekate, and Hermes by name, and Hermes by name, and the [Episcopal] bishop was right there.. raising his arms in invocation with the rest of the Circle!  We have come a long way (source)."

This shows that Swing has totally abandond the scriptures and he is embracing the Wiccan foundational blessing.  It speaks loudly that he is an apostate and a son of Belial. This isn't the first time an Episcopal Bishop has dabbled with the occult.  Bishop James Pike, during the 1960s after his son James Pike Jr. committed suicide, participated in a live television occultic seance to have medium communicate with his dead son (source). Swing has carried on Pike's apostate legacy.  But Swing has traveled to another level of apostasy with his demonic vision for a one-world church, peace, and the rise of Anti-christ.  Without a doubt, he is fulfilling Bible prophecy.

2 Thessalonians 2: 3 says, "Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of  sin be revealed the son of perdition."

1 Timothy 4:1 says, "Now The Spirit, speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrine of devils."   

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Prince of Africa: Ruling Principality of Africa

The demon Cimeries or Kimaris in demonology is the principality in Africa that rules over all spirits of Africa. It is said that Cimeries rides on a black horse over Africa. The black horse in the Apoca­lypse represents famine, hunger, and economic breakdown. Top level Satanic leaders such as Anton LaVey list Kimaris in his list of infernal names, Aleister Crowley in his book 777 mentions Kimaris, and in H.P. Blavatsky book Secret Doctrine Kimaris is also mention(source).

It is said that 38 million people in Africa are victims of hunger. The regions that have severe shortages are southern Africa, the Horn of Africa, Western Sahel and West Africa’s Mano River. The causes of famine include drought, flooding, governmental mismanagement, civil and armed conflict, and the economic collapse. This is due to the ruling principalities that rule over the continent, the unseen spirit world is the cause of these issues to manifest in the natural realm.

We know that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual demonic forces are controlling this world system ( Ephe­sians 6:12; 2 Corinthians 4:4). Cimeries is a ruling principality that is controlling human affairs in Africa. A good example is in Ezekiel 26 and Ezekiel 27 where we see the human ruler of Tyrus. Also, in Ezekiel 28 the demonic spirit behind the human ruler of Tyrus.

As a body of Christ believers we must put on the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6:13-18), with much fasting and praying in order to hinder demonic principalities in regions. We need to be aligned with the Word of God so that we are able to receive angelic assistance to battle demonic principalities. In Daniel 10, Daniel prayed and did not get a response for 21 days because the principality over Persia held up his response from Gabriel. The angel Michael had to help assist Gabriel in breaking through to give Daniel his response for his prayer (Daniel 10:12-13).

I believe Africa will receive an even greater revival and the hand of God will destroy demonic strongholds that have ruled Africa for centuries. Cimeries can’t prevail over Jesus Christ (Colossians 2:15).

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"Master Luciferian Prophet E. Bernard Jordan devilish doctrines"

Master Luciferian Prophet E. Bernard Jordan  was one of the keynote speakers for Bishop George Bloomer's The School of the Prophets this year, January 2-6, 2012 at Bethel Worship Center in Durham, North Carolina.  Other speakers include Prophet Brian J. Mosley, Dr. Belinda Scott, Prophet DJ Sinegal, and Prophetess Janet Floyd.   Jordan was just recently part of a Prophetic Summit hosted by Bloomer and Dr. Darrell Scott for Bloomer's program, "Rejoice in the Word" on The Word Network. Is E. Bernard Jordan a true prophet of God or is he a Luciferian false prophet?  Why would Bishop George Bloomer, the man known as "The General of Spiritual Warfare," be associated with Jordan?  Can Bloomer discern that Jordan is a false prophet?  Maybe Bloomer believes Jordan is a true Master Prophet? This expose' takes a objective look at E. Bernard Jordan and will examine the facts.

Jordan Mentor the Late Rev. Ike and Doctrines of Devils

E. Bernard Jordan's mentor was the late Reverend Ike pastor of The Palace Cathedral in Manhattan, New York. Ike teachings were primarily based on properity, the science of the mind, and the metaphysical. He adopted the teaching of Cosmic Ordering in the 1970s from Napoleon Hill.  Now what is Cosmic Ordering and where did it originate? Cosmic Ordering is the name given for positive thinking.  It is basically a doctrine that states that if a person thinks or writes down their wishes and waits for it, their wishes become a reality. These idea is connected to the New Age movement (source). The doctrine of Cosmic Ordering mirrors the New Age and New Thought teaching which promotes the practice of positive thinking. If a person has a positive mental attitude supported by affirmation then he or she will achieve success(source). Based on this information man is his own god, and he is able speak or create out of his own mind, independent from G-d.

Reverend Ike developed this mind science doctrine based on the teachings of Napoleon Hill.  Napoleon Hill, an American author, is famous for his best selling book "Think Rich Grow Rich."   It has sold millions of copies in English and most other major languages...over 20 million copies to be exact. His books have been viewed as motivational personal development and self help. Hills' books have not only influenced business men, sales people, entrepreneurs, and athletes, but  prominent Christian pastors such as Dr. Charles Stanley, and John C. Maxwell (source). But how did Napoleon Hill receive his information on writing such powerful books?  Did it come from Hill?  Or was it another source.

Napoleon Hill received the information he wrote in his best selling books from Ascended Masters, otherwise known as spirit guides.   In fact, in his book, "Grow Rich with Peace of Mind," he states that unseen spirits hovered over him, and that they gave him the materials and chapters for the book (source). 

Hill stated loud and clear that his ideas came from spirit entities.  He wrote the following:

" Now again I have evidence that unseen friends hover about me, unknowable to the ordinary senses. In my studies there is a group of strange beings who maintain a school of wisdom... The School has Masters who can disembody themselves and travel instantly to any place they choose... to give knowledge directly, by voices... Now I knew that one of these Masters had come across thousand of miles, through the night, into my study... I shall not set down every word he said... much of what he said already has been presented to you in the chapters of this book and will follow in other chapters. "You have earned the right to reveal a Supreme Secret to others," said the vibrant voice." You have been under the guidance of the Great School... Now you must give the world a blueprint(source)."

Both Napoleon Hill and Rev. Ike shared the belief that your destiny is in the power of your mind, whatever the mind conceives, just speak it into being. Your ability to create is by having a positive mind set, which you create wealth, health, success, happiness, all this through the power of the mind. This false gospel make people believe their god, and in control of everyhing by the power of the mind. In fact Rev. Ike taught his followers that man was god (source). 

The kind of wisdom that Hill and Rev. Ike write and teach about is devilish and demonic. James 3:15 says, "This wisdom descendeth not above, but is earthly, sensual, devilish." As a true saints of G-d we all need to flee such heretical teaching and hold fast to true Biblical teaching.

Jordan Occult Teaching of The Law of Attraction

Here is Master Luciferian Prophet E. Bernard Jordan teaching on "The Law of Attraction" from his book "The Laws of Thinking: 20 Secrets to Using the Divine Power of Your Mind to Manifest Prosperity."  One may ask what is The Law of Attraction?  It is basically a metaphysical belief that "likes attract," and that positive and negative thinking bring about positive and negative results (source/source). The phrase, "law of attraction" appears first  in Hinduism, and in a book of esoteric mysteries written by Madame Helena Blavatsky(source).  Madame Blavatsky is the founder of Theosophy, a religion that worships Lucifer as god plus mankind.  She is known as the mother of the modern New Age Movement. The phrase "law of attraction" appears in the writings of Theosophical authors William Quan Judge and Annie Besant. Besant claimed that the law of attraction is form of karma.  Jordan prescribes himself to New Thought, which mirrors theosophy (source). In reality New Thought is just New Age with another face.  It is luciferianism following the practice and doctrines of Lucifer/Satan.  This all makes Jordan a Luciferian prophet, transforming himself into false light posing as a Christian prophet.

This "law of attraction" that Bernard Jordan teaches and writes about is taught and written by Esther and Jerry Hicks also.  The Hicks are two new age gurus who channeled a spirit called Abraham, and received their information from this spirit entity (source). Notice that Jordan's teaching of the law of attraction is not inspired by the Holy Spirit, but by vain philosophies inspired by demons. The law of attraction is a doctrine of devils that originated from the occult. Saints, please don't let false prophets corrupt you with the teachings of the doctrines of devils. If there were any time that the Church needed spiritual discernment it is now.

Colossians 2:8 says, "Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ." Is Bishop Bloomer opening the door to E. Bernard Jordan to allow him to spoil the saints with philosophy and vain deceit by having him speak at these Prophetic Summits?  Can Bloomer discern that Jordan teaches doctrines of devils?

Ye Shall Be as gods: New Age Teaching is Old Age Lie

The New Age teaching that man is god is an old-age lie that the Serpent told Eve in the Garden of Eden.  He told that that once she and Adam ate from the Tree of Knowledge of God and Evil in Genesis 3:5 that they would be as gods. In the video above, Master Luciferian Prophet Jordan is teaching the Laws of Thinking and The Law of Becoming.  He states that when you declare,  "I am," you become god. This is a blasphemous statement.  Jordan is quoting from his book  "The Laws of Thinking: 20 Secrets to Using the Divine Power of Your Mind to Manifest Prosperity" (source).  Even in the introduction of his book "The Laws of Thinking: 20 Secrets to Using the Divine Power of Your Mind to Manifest Prosperity" he promotes the heretical teaching of Orison Swett Marden book, "The Miracle of Right Thought" on his ministries website Zoe Ministries (source).  Marden was a writter associated with the New Thought Movement and he also believed that man was divine and a god(source, source, source). These writings and teachings of both Jordan and Marden are both blasphemous and an abomination.

Jordan's Law of Becoming comes from the "pit of Hell," and sounds just like the Serpent/Satan in the Garden of Eden.  This isn't sound Bible doctrine, it is occult doctrine. Madame H.P. Blavatsky writes in her book "Secret Doctrine" that mankind is god, and self-redeemed (source). This is a clear cut proof that Jordan, just as Marden and Blavatsky, received this information from a satanic source.

Let the Energy of the Chakras Arise the Fiery Serpent in You 

 Jordan incorporates the Hindu yoga applications chakras in his book(source). Ex-ministries in August of 2011, did a wonderful expose' on Jordan called "E. Bernard Jordan: Master of the Hindu-verse, possesser of strange power," which exposes Jordan mixing Hinduism with Christianity. This is called pantheism.

The concept chakra comes from the yogic traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism. It is said that the body has seven chakras in it. Yoga is the vehicle used to balance the chakras. The main goal of yoga is to awaken Kundalini, or the fiery serpent power that is wrapped around the spinal cord (source). What is serpent power?  Isn't Satan called the Great Serpent? Jordan's fellow luciferian occultist H.P. Blavatsky states in her book "The Secret Doctrine" that Yahweh isn't the "One," and Lucifer is the "One" more superior than Yahweh. She states that the names of Lucifer is known as Dragon of Wisdom, the Dragon, Satan, and The Fiery Serpent (source). Notice that one of the names for Lucifer is Fiery Serpent. Also pay attention to the fact that in Yoga the goal is to awaken the kundalini or fiery serpent to obtain divine wisdom /self knowledge.  Satan since the garden, is always attempting to get man to obtain knowledge outside of the authority of G-d.

With all this being said, my word to Bishop Bloomer is simply this: E. Bernard Jordan is a Luciferian Prophet that operates under a occult spirit and not the Holy Spirit. Would the Apostle Paul invite the woman with spirit of divination to speak at the Prophetic Summit or the School of the Prophets? The answer would be a resounding no!  Ephesians 5:11 says, "And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them."  Bishop Bloomer, by embracing Jordan, is in fellowship with an agent of the kingdom of darkness. Jordan preaches another "gospel," therefore he is accursed(Galatians 1:8-9).

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Alert!:Sodomy Revival Among USA Teens

Alert! Alert! Alert! Sodomy Revival Among USA Teens.

Churches tell your teenagers to flee Babylon and its plagues! Christian teens make your “Exodus” out of Babylon now! Don’t look back to Sodom/Babylon like Lot’s wife!

There is a revival of sodomy going in our country, especially among our teens. Young people are being deceived by Satan to participate in other methods of premarital sex outside of vaginal intercourse. As if premarital sex in itself wasn’t bad enough. Which other methods am I speaking of? Oral and anal sex. Some girls believe that by participating in these other forms of sex they are maintaining their virginity. Deceived by the lies of the devil, they honestly believe they are keeping themselves “pure”. Unfor­tunately, they don’t realize that they’ve defiled themselves along with their male counterparts. Proverbs 14:12 says, “ There is a way that which seemeth right unto man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.”

Where does sodomy originate from? It originates from pagan idol worship. In the Bible primarily sodomy was among the worship of Baal. Male and female prostitutes committed acts of sodomy as a form of worship to Baal. Sodomy was widely practiced by the peo­ple dwelling in Canaan. The American Heritage Dictionary de­fines sodomy as, “anal or oral copulation of one male with an­other, anal or oral copulation with a member of the opposite sex, and copulation with an animal.” The book of Leviticus tells us that the practice of man with a man (sodomy), and bestiality (sodomy/ sleeping with animals) among other things were forbidden by Yah­weh. Jewish law bans all acts of sex outside of intercourse between husband and wife. This includes masturbation, anal sex, oral sex, and intercourse of unmarried people in Israel. In the music industry you have several prophets and evangelist of Baal and sodomy.

Several years ago rap artist 50 Cent had a song called “Candy Shop”. He also had another song he did with Lil’ Kim called “Magic Stick.”
He also had another song he did with Lil’ Kim called “Magic Stick.” Both songs glorify a woman having oral sex, or committing sodomy, with a man. The latest prophet and evangelist of sodomy is popular a New Orleans rapper named Lil’ Wayne. He had a hit song called “Lollipop in 2008.” This song makes ref­erences to a woman giving a man oral sex, and vice versa. Imagine a young person who listens to the lyrics of this song day and night. Its the opposite of Joshua 1:8! Instead of meditating on the law or the Lord, s/he is meditating day and night on oral sex, lust, perver­sion, and fornication. By meditating on the song “Lollipop”, any young person is going to fail at living holy, being righteous, sub­mitting to the voice of the Holy Ghost which is able to keep them from falling into sexual immorality (Jude 24). When young people begin to sing along or listen to the lyrics of “Lollipop” they are letting Lil’ Wayne prophesy oral sex (a curse of sodomy) into their life. Proverbs 18:21 tells us death and life is in the power of the tongue, and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

What Lil’ Wayne won’t tell in his song is that oral sex can lead into sexually transmitted diseases of herpes, chlamydia, gonor­rhea, syphilis, and human pappilloma virus (HPV). Doctors have now found that HPV causes cancer of the throat. And what do you know? There is now a rise in the number of young men with throat cancer resulting from heterosexual and homosexual oral sex. Physicians are now recommending that not just girls and young women receive the vaccine for HPV, but are asking the gov­ernment’s permission to start giving the vaccine shot to boys. Doc­tors say that if the current trends continue within the next ten years there maybe more oral cancers in the United States caused by HPV than tobacco or alcohol.

Lil’ Wayne is not only a prophet of sodomy, but a prophet of death. The type of lifestyle he raps about is a “death style”, that leads to diseases, death (Romans 6:23) and eternal separation from God.

Some churches they promote “virginity pledges” among their young people to wait and have sex until marriage. Unfortunately, many of these program do not work for the following reasons: 1. They don’t promote sanctification, holiness, and transformation of the mind and
2. They lack the proper teaching of taking a vow onto the Lord. If you take a vow unto the Lord you must keep it. Going through a nice virginity pledge ceremony and receiving a pledge ring doesn’t ward off temptation and demonic influence[here ,here]. Most kids that go through these pledges don’t keep them and unfortunately, most attempt to find loopholes of avoiding vaginal intercourse by engaging in anal and oral sex/sodomy(source/source). This is the deception of them thinking that they are maintaining there virginity by not engaging in vaginal intercourse. However, using anal and oral sex as alternatives causes these teens to become new converts of sodomy, thus becoming sodomites instead of saints.

Anal sex opens a person up to anal cancer, HPV, chlamydia, hepa­titis, herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, and HIV. Both acts of sodomy (anal and oral sex) make a young person susceptible to disease and expose him or her to unclean perverse spirits that form a sexual stronghold in their life. Sodomy can possibly damage young peo­ple throughout their adult life if they don’t get delivered through the “blood of Jesus Christ.”

Unfortunately parents don’t teach or talked to their kids about sex and the majority of churches don’t teach the youth about sex. Most learn about sex through friends, videos, television, music, internet, sex education in school, and pornography. Don’t let Lil’ Wayne or any other entertainer teach your young people about sex. But let us be the ones who tell them that that the right type of sex is not dirty, but beautiful and wonderful between a husband and his wife.

We have to turn our young people from the “gospel of sodomy” to the true gospel of Jesus Christ. We must turn sodomites to saints through repentances from anal and oral sex. Our kids in these days have to be taught the difference between unholy and holy, and the unclean versus the clean (Leviticus 10:10-11).

Parents be vigilant (1 Peter 5:8) with your kids! Establish and maintain open and honest communication with them. Check out their Myspace and Facebook pages and check to see if the content is of a sexual nature. Find out what CDs they listen to and/or the songs they download to their ipods. What are their favorite videos on Youtube? Pray in your children’s rooms and anoint it. Ask the Holy Ghost to lead and guide you to know if they’re involved in sex­ual promiscuity. We must fight a good fight to make sure that this generation is walking in the victory of sexual purity. We are all in a serious spiritual war for the souls of our young people. We must make sure that they will receive eternal life instead of eternal dam­nation.