Thursday, January 5, 2012

Alert!:Sodomy Revival Among USA Teens

Alert! Alert! Alert! Sodomy Revival Among USA Teens.

Churches tell your teenagers to flee Babylon and its plagues! Christian teens make your “Exodus” out of Babylon now! Don’t look back to Sodom/Babylon like Lot’s wife!

There is a revival of sodomy going in our country, especially among our teens. Young people are being deceived by Satan to participate in other methods of premarital sex outside of vaginal intercourse. As if premarital sex in itself wasn’t bad enough. Which other methods am I speaking of? Oral and anal sex. Some girls believe that by participating in these other forms of sex they are maintaining their virginity. Deceived by the lies of the devil, they honestly believe they are keeping themselves “pure”. Unfor­tunately, they don’t realize that they’ve defiled themselves along with their male counterparts. Proverbs 14:12 says, “ There is a way that which seemeth right unto man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.”

Where does sodomy originate from? It originates from pagan idol worship. In the Bible primarily sodomy was among the worship of Baal. Male and female prostitutes committed acts of sodomy as a form of worship to Baal. Sodomy was widely practiced by the peo­ple dwelling in Canaan. The American Heritage Dictionary de­fines sodomy as, “anal or oral copulation of one male with an­other, anal or oral copulation with a member of the opposite sex, and copulation with an animal.” The book of Leviticus tells us that the practice of man with a man (sodomy), and bestiality (sodomy/ sleeping with animals) among other things were forbidden by Yah­weh. Jewish law bans all acts of sex outside of intercourse between husband and wife. This includes masturbation, anal sex, oral sex, and intercourse of unmarried people in Israel. In the music industry you have several prophets and evangelist of Baal and sodomy.

Several years ago rap artist 50 Cent had a song called “Candy Shop”. He also had another song he did with Lil’ Kim called “Magic Stick.”
He also had another song he did with Lil’ Kim called “Magic Stick.” Both songs glorify a woman having oral sex, or committing sodomy, with a man. The latest prophet and evangelist of sodomy is popular a New Orleans rapper named Lil’ Wayne. He had a hit song called “Lollipop in 2008.” This song makes ref­erences to a woman giving a man oral sex, and vice versa. Imagine a young person who listens to the lyrics of this song day and night. Its the opposite of Joshua 1:8! Instead of meditating on the law or the Lord, s/he is meditating day and night on oral sex, lust, perver­sion, and fornication. By meditating on the song “Lollipop”, any young person is going to fail at living holy, being righteous, sub­mitting to the voice of the Holy Ghost which is able to keep them from falling into sexual immorality (Jude 24). When young people begin to sing along or listen to the lyrics of “Lollipop” they are letting Lil’ Wayne prophesy oral sex (a curse of sodomy) into their life. Proverbs 18:21 tells us death and life is in the power of the tongue, and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

What Lil’ Wayne won’t tell in his song is that oral sex can lead into sexually transmitted diseases of herpes, chlamydia, gonor­rhea, syphilis, and human pappilloma virus (HPV). Doctors have now found that HPV causes cancer of the throat. And what do you know? There is now a rise in the number of young men with throat cancer resulting from heterosexual and homosexual oral sex. Physicians are now recommending that not just girls and young women receive the vaccine for HPV, but are asking the gov­ernment’s permission to start giving the vaccine shot to boys. Doc­tors say that if the current trends continue within the next ten years there maybe more oral cancers in the United States caused by HPV than tobacco or alcohol.

Lil’ Wayne is not only a prophet of sodomy, but a prophet of death. The type of lifestyle he raps about is a “death style”, that leads to diseases, death (Romans 6:23) and eternal separation from God.

Some churches they promote “virginity pledges” among their young people to wait and have sex until marriage. Unfortunately, many of these program do not work for the following reasons: 1. They don’t promote sanctification, holiness, and transformation of the mind and
2. They lack the proper teaching of taking a vow onto the Lord. If you take a vow unto the Lord you must keep it. Going through a nice virginity pledge ceremony and receiving a pledge ring doesn’t ward off temptation and demonic influence[here ,here]. Most kids that go through these pledges don’t keep them and unfortunately, most attempt to find loopholes of avoiding vaginal intercourse by engaging in anal and oral sex/sodomy(source/source). This is the deception of them thinking that they are maintaining there virginity by not engaging in vaginal intercourse. However, using anal and oral sex as alternatives causes these teens to become new converts of sodomy, thus becoming sodomites instead of saints.

Anal sex opens a person up to anal cancer, HPV, chlamydia, hepa­titis, herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, and HIV. Both acts of sodomy (anal and oral sex) make a young person susceptible to disease and expose him or her to unclean perverse spirits that form a sexual stronghold in their life. Sodomy can possibly damage young peo­ple throughout their adult life if they don’t get delivered through the “blood of Jesus Christ.”

Unfortunately parents don’t teach or talked to their kids about sex and the majority of churches don’t teach the youth about sex. Most learn about sex through friends, videos, television, music, internet, sex education in school, and pornography. Don’t let Lil’ Wayne or any other entertainer teach your young people about sex. But let us be the ones who tell them that that the right type of sex is not dirty, but beautiful and wonderful between a husband and his wife.

We have to turn our young people from the “gospel of sodomy” to the true gospel of Jesus Christ. We must turn sodomites to saints through repentances from anal and oral sex. Our kids in these days have to be taught the difference between unholy and holy, and the unclean versus the clean (Leviticus 10:10-11).

Parents be vigilant (1 Peter 5:8) with your kids! Establish and maintain open and honest communication with them. Check out their Myspace and Facebook pages and check to see if the content is of a sexual nature. Find out what CDs they listen to and/or the songs they download to their ipods. What are their favorite videos on Youtube? Pray in your children’s rooms and anoint it. Ask the Holy Ghost to lead and guide you to know if they’re involved in sex­ual promiscuity. We must fight a good fight to make sure that this generation is walking in the victory of sexual purity. We are all in a serious spiritual war for the souls of our young people. We must make sure that they will receive eternal life instead of eternal dam­nation.

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  1. Thank You very much for this well written article that goes, like the Holy Sword, the Word of Elohim directly to the point. You gave both biblical and secular facts that, hopefully, some - if not all of the youths who may read, hear or come across it may be cautioned, warned and by the Grace of Yahweh - peradventure be forgiven and yes - saved. I read and saved your article to share with my fellow and when I saw that none had as of yet any comment to say and share - at least a thank you, I thought I would be one to say a few words. May the Abba and Father of the Messiah give thee Shalom in Yeshua name to continue thy labour of His Love to be a warner. May Elohim grant repentance so that they and all may acknowledge the Truth and recover ourselves out of all the many snares of diyablos, the adversary.

    Be well, Jerald.