Sunday, May 5, 2013

Famous Black Celebrity Satanist/Luciferian Part 1

Sammy Davis Jr. Baphomet Hand Sign
and a forerunner of Black Celeb Satanist 

Most people think that only white people and heavy metal artists worship the devil. This type of thinking is stereotypical and far from the truth.  In this expose', we will take a look at black celebrities who aligned themselves with Satan/Lucifer in either philosophy or covenant.  Paul Mooney was on the Monique Show and in a joking, but serious matter stated that some of today's black celebrities are down with worshiping the Devil (here). We will examine the diversity of African-American celebrities in the entertainment industry.

What is the Difference Between a Satanist and Luciferian?

The Serpent in the Garden of Eden is seen as a liberator by Satanist and Luciferians. And the Serpent is seen giving mankind wisdom, and the ability to become a god.

There are vast differences between Satanism and Luciferianism. In Satanism there is Theistic Satanism, in which there is the belief in magic and that Satan is an actual deity to be worshiped (source). Then you have Atheistic Satanism which is based on individualism, self-indulgences and is  primarily the physical and carnal side of man. Satan is viewed as a symbol of man's inherent nature(source).

However, in Luciferianism the term light represents love, knowledge, and wisdom.  An individual is saved by learning secret knowledge/occult knowledge(source). A Luciferian believes that Lucifer is god (god of light),  and that Lucifer is the "light barer"  and helps bring mankind knowledge. Lucifer is seen as God right next to Adonay being the God of the Bible(source/source/source). Lucifer is viewed as struggling for humanity to enlighten mankind from being enslaved, against Adonay the God of darkness and evil (source).

Satanism and Luciferianism are similar in that they both believe that man can become a god or goddess(source).   

Sammy Davis Jr. Celebrity Evangelist for Satan

Sammy Davis Jr., Michael Aquino Temple of Set Founder(Left) and Anton LaVey Church of Satan Founder(Right)

Sammy Davis Jr. was the celebrity Satanic evangelist for Anton LaVey's Church of Satan group.  In addition, LaVey also recruited several Hollywood stars. The 1960's sex symbol Jayne Mansfield was one of his recruits.  She was introduced to Anton LeVay at a dinner party when she became impressed with the Baphomet medallion Sammy Davis Jr. wore around his neck (source).

In fact Sammy Davis Jr. was very devout to the Church of Satan.  In 1974 he recorded an album called "Satan Swings Baby!"   His album also included the following songs: "Witchcraft,"  "Sympathy For Devil," and "Devil in Disguise."  Anton LaVey was a featured vocalist and organist (source).  Davis even received an honorary Warlock degree from the Church of Satan in the '70s(source).  Unfortunately, Sammie Davis Jr., when he died, was bankrupt financially.  But worst of all he was bankrupt spiritually because he died in sin. Do you see how Satan leads people down the moral and spiritual road of deception, and into eternal damnation?

Lil' Wayne is a Little Messenger of Satan  

Lil' Wayne standing in front of Thrasher Magazine Logo with 666 and Pentagram

The god of this world, Satan, has satanically blessed Lil' Wayne to become one of  hip hop's top artists.  He has also become very rich and famous in the process. His songs and music videos are heavily laced with satanic philosophy and Illuminati symbols. He also promotes the Unif Clothing line, which has an overwhelming amount of Occult/Illuminati symbolism (here).  

Let's look at the lyrics from Lil' Wayne's song called "Sacrifice" featuring Gudda Gudda, Mack Maine, and Shanell. He talks about 666, serial killers, blood, death, and murder. See the very disturbing lyrics below.

Yeah Take this body to the project for a sacrifice (x2)
(Don't be scared now..)

[Verse 1 - Mack Maine]
I have you sweatin' so hard you need 3 or 4 towels
After that all I need is 3 or 4 showers
Just to get the blood off in 3 or 4 hours
Then come to your hood to get 3 or 4 cowards
You think your Bison like you play for Howard
But you can duck like Howard, I make you fall like the towers
I cut your arm off and tell you to reach
Then I cut your tongue off and I tell you to speak (nigga)
My niggas in the circle in the middle of the bonfire
They quick to become arsonists to set you on fire
The flesh start to smell but who gives a f**k?
Heaven or hell, nigga you need to pick one
Prrattt stick um now you become a victim
Now, you become a victim
Yeah, you become a victim
Im evil like three sixes nigga minus the mafia
Ain't no brakes on my sh**t nigga no stoppin uh
Young cannibal, cut ya like a cantalope
I mistreat bodies for breakfast, I eat bodies uh

[Hook - Shanell & (Mack Maine)]
You could smell fear in the distance spring
Karma, fearless
Come with us home, better witness them
(We could take your body to the project for a sacrifice (x2)
We could take your body to the valley for a sacrifice (x2))

[Verse 2 - Lil Wayne]
Its Weezy F. Crazy
You scary a** rappers on the beat I'm Wes Craven
But I'm eastside till I reside in the grave
And you come in my basement and see the bodies im savin'
Bloodbath flow yes it's time for some bathin'
Shotty wit' the drum and I'mma play it like a cadence
Invasion, I cook ya like the Asians
Put bread on ya head like a raisin
You a danish, you need glazin'
Pardon me man,but im cravin'
I got'cha in the oven and im waitin'
I'm patient, for my patient
Yeah, There's a meeting in my kitchen
Shhh, there's rappers sleeping in my kitchen
Young money creatures
Kill your sweet ass then eat'cha muthaf**ka

[Hook - Shanell & (Mack Maine)]

[Verse 3 - Gudda Gudda]
We take your body for a motherf*****n sacrifice
See you in hell b***h meet me in the afterlife
Minivan, duct tape, knife in my hand
Nigga, knife to ya head, you my sacrificial lamb
Nigga, I can smell blood like a hound, I see dead people
Paint the scene, I'mma leave a bunch of red people
Saddam, I bomb, I'm insane, Hussein
Assault rifle with the drum, nigga, with the blue flame
Blood on my glove, while im burying the witness
Cut your limbs off, I'm on my Jeffrey Dahmer sick sh**t
For real I'm ill, we marching like the military
Coffins everywhere, this the rap cemetery
You niggas sweet, get ate like Ben N' Jerrys
You niggas very fairy
Tell frail better go and say your Hail Mary
Rocket launcher b***h, I'm a throw a Hail Mary
Young Gudda b***h

It's obvious who Lil' Wayne is serving, and it sure isn't Jesus Christ.  He's serving Satan well into indoctrinating this generation for the soon coming Anti-Christ.  Lil' Wayne's music and videos blaspheme the Lord Jesus Christ. See the below picture of him portraying a Christlike figure hanging a cross on the video called "Mirror" featuring Bruno Mars.

Jay Z Satan Hip Hop Right hand Man

"Do What thou Wilt"  Jay Z is down with Aleister Crowley

We have already done an article on Jay Z called "Jay Z Diamond Hand Sign Satanic or Not?" about the hand sign for the All Seeing Eye of Lucifer. This man is very luciferian/satanic.  He has done a song called "Lucifer," and had a clothing line Roca Wear depicting many masonic/occultic symbols  Jay Z is down with The Prince of Darkness!  The picture above is one of him sporting a hoodie that has the quote "Do what thou wilt." This quote comes from the famous British occultist Aleister Crowley's Book of Thelma (source).  This is a clear cut case of a satanic individual. Jay Z constantly promotes masonry, and satanism in basically every facet of his life.

Beyonce Down with the Baphomet  

Sasha Fierce AKA Beyonce's Baphomet Outfit

Beyonce in the above picture, sports an outfit with the Baphomet in front. Its clearly a satanic outfit! You may ask why is this Baphomet outfit satanic? The Baphomet symbol comes from occultist Eliphas Levi, which was called "The Baphomet of Mendes." It is a symbol of a satanic goat portrayed as a half-human, half goat figure (here). Baphomet is also an initiation into magic and a sign into initiation into the occult (here). The Baphomet has been portrayed synonymous with Satan or a demon in the hierarchy of Hell (here).  It's also a symbol of androgyny and bisexuality within the occult circles(here).

She has also flashed occultic hand signs in the past and present, especially in the month of February 2013. At the 2013 Superbowl Half-Time Show she flashed the All-Seeing Eye of Lucifer hand sign at the end of her performance, and  threw up the 666 hand sign at the 2013 Grammy Awards the following week(source).

Is Beyonce Demon Possessed?

Above is a video about Beyonce's 2013 Superbowl Half-Time Show.  It's  an excellent expose' done by Pastor Joe Schimmel at Goodfight Ministries and very eye opening! Beyonce is a deeply devouted Luciferian/Satanist.

People, please take a look at the new face of Satanism.  As you can see  Black people are also participants in the worship of Satan.  In the upcoming Anti-Christ system, all nations will be given over to Satanic worship.

In part two we will look at more black celebrities that partake in Luciferian/Satanism worship and philosophy.

Click here to read Part 2 Famous Black Celebrity Satanist/Luciferian


  1. Lil Wayne also has "fear God" tattooed on his eye lids. He is a big time deceiver. He's no less deceiving than "professed Christian" Brian "Head" Welch and his obvious embrace of evil (except Welch follows John Crowder). The sad truth is that Christendom is so lacking in discernment and critical thinking that they can't see the devil before their eyes. Beyonce and her "professions" of christianity. Rhianna posting false teacher Joyce Meyer quotes on Twitter, and yet people fail to see the red flags. Despite the obvious truths of Sammy Davis Jr., people will still fail to see the truth and praise him as a "legend". His affiliations with Sinatra seem to give him that cookie cutter image. Researcher Fritz Sprimngmeier uncovered a lot of Sinatra's Illuminati
    affiliations in one of his books. Anyway I guess my point is, black or white or mexican or whatever the race is...the embrace of evil has always been prevalent among them all...only difference now is that its intensifing and people are more asleep than ever before.

    1. @Sarah point well taken. All races embrace evil. Most Black people have stereotypes of the faces of Satanism, they think it doesn't exist in the African-American community, when it does. Plus most people are aware of Satanism, but uninformed of Luciferianism. Some people say they follow Satan(Satanist), and other's say they follow Lucifer(Luciferianism), what both these groups don't realize Satan and Lucifer is one in the same spiritual entity.

      Can you please share more on what Fritz Sprimngmeier found on Sinatra?

    2. It's in his book Bloodlines of the Illuminati, here is the pdf : It's when he gets into his research of Disney and Hollywood (towards the end of the book) when he talks about Sinatra. He claims Sinatra was a mind control handler, Bob Hope too.

    3. Dear Sarah - Very well put. I see it, too. The evil is intensifying and the people are more asleep than ever before. I have tried to warn friends about Brian Welch as his band flashes the devils horns, I have a picture of him where he covers his right eye with his hand, a band member is dressed as a demon, the lyrics to some of songs are so dark, the eye ball tattooed on his right elbow, he's back with Korn...
      I saw the video of Welch with Crowder and Vaughan being drunk in the spirit recently. Like you said, people can't see the devil before their eyes. In fact, a few people I know tell me that Welch glorifies Jesus. I tried to explain all the symbolism and the drunk in the spirit dangers - but they don't want to hear it.

      I noticed that Good Fight has a section warning about Korn and with it the video of Welch saying he turned his life around.

      I wonder if they will continue to say that Welch is an example of the power of God now that he is back with Korn? I wonder if Good Fight knows Welch follows Crowder?

    4. Thank you for your comment! Maybe we will do an expose' Brian "Head" Welch connection with John Crowder here at The End-Time Prophecy Watch Blog. What do think? Or if Sarah would like to do an expose' on Welch, I would gladly post it here on this blog. Just saying!

    5. Hi Jerald - Thank you for your blog. Very interesting.

      An expose on Welch would be great to get the word out. Please be warned, though, that a write up was done on the Whosoevers and their graphics that are very dark, their use of skulls, skeletons and a lot of other satanic symbolism on their blog and clothing line. The fans were very, very angry and the backlash was incredible. The blogger said the posts with the cursing were left off.

      It's crazy to realize that it's come to this - to expose a ministry that covers itself in darkness will cause you to be cursed by the fans.

      Welch is a Whosoever. The Whosoevers are a ministry out of Calvary Chapel. Their blog promotes a lot of satanic artwork, the last being Stations of the Cross at Vatican Studios, where satanic images are painted inside crosses.

      Welch did an interview with Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue on Sixx's radio show Sixx Sense. Welch basically said it's about doing what you want to do. He said the problem is religion- they say you have to do this, you have to do that. It's about pleasing the almighty God. But he did everything for us, so lighten up. Just be yourself.

      Isn't that basically what a satanist says? Be yourself, do what you want, it's not about pleasing God?

      Thank you for listening. To see kids being targeted - and adults, too - leading them to another Jesus, is so heartbreaking.

    6. Another interesting observation - on Welch's Facebook page there's a picture of Lil Wayne with - I think it's Sonny Sandoval's son. Sonny Sandoval is with P.O.D. - they've had a lot of controversy over their overt use of occult symbols, too. Why do people Christians align themselves with people like Nikki Sixx - who with Motley Crue try to be as wicked and perverted as possible. And Lil Wayne with the lyrics posted above?
      It just gives Christians license to be of the world and not be transformed by God's word, I think.

      Be yourself. Love yourself. Do what you want. If I want to live in the world, that's what I want to hear. :-)

      Thanks again

    7. Thanks for your interesting comments! When get a chance inbox me your name and information, I will keep it anonymous if you like.

    8. Hi Anonymous! Hi Jerald! I agree with Jerald, if you want to connect, I give Jerald permission to pass along my email address to you.

      I did an expose on Welch on my website last month:
      My site is pretty low key, probably because I post poems and diaries of my life along with occasional exposes on people, and people mostly want the dirt or a teaching rather than the other, and that is ok, I am not into being recognized or thing like that.

      Anyway, yeah, Welch is praised to the hilt by people. There is a site called Remnant Radio, and on their Blog Talk Radio show they have had Welch on there. I sent them a warning on Welch, if they heeded the warning I dunno, but he hasn't been back on their show in a while. Nikki Sixx is an Eckhart Tolle follower to my knowledge, TOTAL New Ager! All those people are corrupt. :-(

      I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but I feel deep down that these "known" artists, like Welch and Beyonce, Rhianna, and them who claim professions of alleged christianity, it's a ply to ruin what true christianiy is. Theres no Cross of Jesus, no denial of self, no sack cloth and ashes, nothing, it's just "embrace the world" and you can be OK and still be a christian. That rapper The Game, he has come out openly and said he goes to church and yada yada yada but then goes on to say he still hits up the strip clubs and smokes's insanity!

      God bless you both! And am grateful to come across like minded believers, cause so so so few of us see what's really going on. It doesn't make us better than anyone else, but I believe it's almost a conviction, if you will, from The Lord to sound the shofar and warn the sheep of danger.

      Take care!

    9. What's wrong with Joyce Meyer? T. W.

  2. P.S. I wanted to add too, regarding Calvary Chapel. I think the poor direction that it's going now (although not all Calvary's are corrupt) was initially intended to have Lonnie Frisbee as the forerunner -so to speak- of the weirdness and unbiblical manifestations we now see in the modern charismatic movement. In Lonnie's biography, there are testimonies (of course they are written in a positive light) of people going into those shaking and convulsing and stuff that we see in these charismatic churches. And also Frisbee was an ecumenist, the last public appearance he made he was suited up dressed as priest. Not surprising all of Lonnie Frisbees's converts are now extremely ecumenical. Of course Lonnie's homosexual lifestyle and him dying of AIDS often gets swept under the rug. He was corrupt. I have mixed views on Chuck Smith, I think the man was sound, and at one time even spoke out against Rick Warren, but in recent last two years he has cozied up to Warren. Smith has the whole "err on the side of grace" mentality, I think one reason for Frisbee being able to be such an impact with Calvary Chapel. And lest we not forget Kathrine Kuhlman (aka Benny Hinn's idol) was part of Calvary Chapel as well. So yeah, in regards to Calvary, I think most is about as corrupt as the mainstream charismatic church, however there are a few like Chris Quintana, Caryl Matrisciana, Jacob Prasch, Jack Abeelen who are solid and not out right involved with Calvary.

    I looked on that site you mentioned "The Whatsoevers"...very disturbing. People tend to forget, that even New Agers have "break throughs" with drug additions and such, they just operate under "another Jesus", so are these people...another Jesus. Sad indeed.

    1. Oh, that's you Sarah! Your article on Walsh, I saw it last week and emailed it to a couple people. One is a friend who has gotten into the Whosoevers. I've been trying to show her the problems for a while but she does not reply to me when I send her stuff. She believes they glorify Jesus. Like you, when I first heard about Welch's conversion I thought it was great. But then after a while I started seeing red flags. I was into heavy metal and destructive lifestyle for years. When I was at rock bottom I asked Jesus for help and he heard me. He changed me and I do not want anything to do with the destructive things I loved before. I don't want anything to do with darkness or anything that looks like it. What a miracle!! I totally agree, it doesn't mean we are better, but there is a conviction there to warn my friends. I have been called self-righteous and other things, but I think that's just the enemy wanting to keep me down. Most people are are receptive, though, and see the problems. Some did not know this was going on - in churches! Yes, the new agers - they tell you that you can keep your belief in Jesus - just add the channeling, rocks and crystal, etc. I have been told that by new age friend of mine, as I know more new agers than bible believers at this point in time.
      Thank you so much for getting the warning out. I am so happy to see that others do see a problem with this. Sometimes it's a very lonely place to see these things that others do not want to see. Thank you! Praying for you and Jerald.

  3. Satan is hiding in today's "Christian" music. We are to use the music to worship (thank, praise & glorify) God. Not entertainment and sing about ourselves. That is what secular music is for.

    I used to frequent websites about Hollywood & the Illuminati. While I learned a lot I lost focus on what was important - God. Better to read the Scriptures than Illuminati mind control sites. I have also noticed God tells me when something is not of him. "This is the way, walk in it" are not just words on a page. They are the livinh words of God. The Bible is alive and I pray in Jesus' name we all continue to mature in Christ and may God continue to make his word alive to us, for us, and in us. T. W.

  4. I just saw the question about Joyce Meyer. If I may, one problem is that she says the same thing as Brian Welch. Be yourself.
    My friend posted JM saying God doesnt call you to be anybody but yourself.
    God calls us to do a lot of things, and being ourself is not one of them. We are called to live godly lives, be holy as He is holy, turn from wickedness.... I could go on and on. I could not find a bible verse that says God calls us to be ourselves. We are called to be like Christ.
    If you love the world you might like to hear 'be yourself'. Then you don't think it's important to be like Christ. You think you are called to be your self! So you do your will, not God's.
    Joyce Meyer is a false teacher. A prosperity, word faith - she says we are little gods - so I guess that makes her new age, too. We must get our teaching from the Bible. Any preacher on TV, and now Christian radio, is not the place to get sound doctrine.

    1. Since we are on the topic of false teachers, I will throw in another one...Beth Moore. This expose here is like right on. This woman is soo UNqualified to teach the Word of God. She doesn't teach "Be yourself" so to speak, but to "have confidence in yourself". Chris Rosebrough really lays in down on her erroneous teaching...

  5. OK folks you know I love you! But lets stay on topic not deviate from this actual post. I think the forum to discuss false teachers, is when we do a post on false teachers. However, I do appreciate the dialogue.