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The Bad Spiritual Fruit of Brian "Head" Welch (Expose')

Source and Author Sarah Walker

This is a very awesome eyeopening article/expose' Sarah Walker put together on Brain "Head" Welch, from her blog Reflection from the Wall! Please takeout the time to read the below article.

Is He Really Converted to Jesus Christ? Or Christian In Name Only? 

It was back in 2009' when I had fully submitted my life to God, after backsliding and living in horrific sin, is when I first saw this testimony by a man named Brian "Head" Welch...

In my younger years, in 1994-1999, I had been a listener of his music, of his then band called Korn.  Years later, hearing this profound testimony of a man who had lived such a debaucherous lifestyle and then walking away from mainstream fame and fortune and then walking towards Jesus Christ, was not only inspiring but was an encouragement to me since I had been living in extreme sin the year before.  

Testimony That Inspired Me

Another testimony he did (see here) with Pat Robertson around the same time.

I remember being so enthralled by his testimony that I sent it to people via email, posted it on my then Facebook, and just ranted and raved about it.  As I have expressed in different entries and testimonies on here before, I lived a good portion of these few years non-discerning, just simply going with the flow of whatever "seemed" to be of God, I embraced it.  I never thought to do a fruit inspection-so to speak- I took professed claims of Christianity at face value.  After all, we really cannot judge if someone is truly saved or not, we can judge fruit, but as far as salvation of a professed believer, only God knows their spiritual condition.

That said, I really cannot say if Brian "Head" Welch had an authentic conversion to Christianity, but his recent fruit bears something far different than that of Holiness or a forsakeness of the world.  What's most disturbing is his affiliations with blasphemous false teacher John Crowder.

John Crowder Rotten Spiritual Fruit

Blasphemous Act!

In Crowder's Mystical Union book he writes "I’m not pressing in anymore. I’ve been pressed into. I’m not contending anymore. I’ve been contended for. I’m not a God chaser anymore. I’ve been chased down, roped, hogtied, bagged and dragged. I’m not appropriating what I have. It’s mine. I’m not getting closer to God. He’s like a Siamese twin. I’m not even seeking God anymore. He found me." Loc.2130..."God is not looking for workers, but for lovers. And the lovers will outwork the workers in these days. I do not preach much about working. That’s one area where actions should speak louder than words. I preach on work by using my hands. The definition of “work” however, has changed for us. Like Adam, a new creation is now tending the Garden of Pleasure. Our chief end is toward the enjoyment of God in the midst of our vocation. In divine union, work and play should rise to meet together as one. This is your calling." Loc.3814

John Crowder is also famous for his "Tokin the ghost", meaning holding your fingers to your mouth and pretending like your are smoking marijuana, but in his context, he teaches that that is a display of the enjoying the pleasures of God. 

John Crowder, Jim Goll, and Benjamin Dunn "tokin the ghost"

Crowder even has an CD out called "Toking the Ghost", where he sings on wanting the stigmata, sucking from the breasts of heaven, levitating, and of course sucking on the baby Jesus to get "high" off God.  (see here for example)

To not see the overtly extreme error in Crowder would take someone who has absolutely no discernment and very little Biblical literacy.  I have walked that road before, so I really truly make no judgement on the hearts of the people who have gotten caught up in this deception, considering I myself was caught up in deception at one time too.  But we can make judgments on the fruit of these people and ministries.

An obvious display of the heresies of Crowder

The Fruit

Some of these things that I am linking here, I highly caution that they are extremely disturbing!  

A couple weeks ago, I posted an article (see here) on the deceptions of "spiritual drunkenness", and in it I enclosed a video of a known follower of John Crowder (and Todd Bentley and the rest of the NAR).  It doesn't take much to see the erroneous and disgusting displays that are made in the name of "God".  All one has to do is scroll his channel (see here) and one could see who he supports and just where he gets this "fruit" (more like demonic spirit) from.  

One of the more "popular" followers of John Crowder, is the folks at Red Letter Ministries, aka the Barthrops (see their channel here).  Who took their "pleasures" with God so far, that they equated it to "having sex with Jesus" *note, you must be logged OUT of Facebook to view these next two clips, don't know why that is so, but I could not view the links while I was logged in through my friend's facebook while I was researching this, so PLEASE log OUT of facebook before you view the links* Here is the first link, he talks about sex with Jesus 3 minutes into the clip.  Now, granted Crowder did come out publicly and nonchalantly address this (see here) however, where there should have been a rebuke there was not, and where scripture should be used in context, it was not. 

Regardless of any sort of "clarification" that Crowder made about these perverted references, it is very apparent that the Barthrops have been ongoing supporters of John Crowder (see here for example) and yet again, display the "fruit" of Crowder's ministry.  Here is yet another example (see the note above written in red before you view the link) of the obvious demonic presence that is a result of these "ministries", I caution you, this is extremely disturbing (see here) and I also encourage you to read the comments underneath the video as well. 

Brian "Head" Welch and John Crowder

(for more examples of Crowder's disgusting communions, click here)

In all honesty, as the few years went by, I got so engrossed in my own deception, that I really didn't pay attention to Brian "Head" Welch much after the initial enthrallment of his testimony ceased.  However, it was in 2011 that him and his band came here to do a show.  While I don't know who all went from my old church, I do remember hearing quite a few people vocalizing that they were going to go.  Luckily at the time I worked and I never did attend the show.  

It was after I came out of the deception that I happened to stumble upon this video of him and John Crowder giving communion, along with all the UNbiblical manifestations that accompany this movement...

Needless to say I was in shock!  I then began to do just a tad research on Welch, and sure enough he comes from a charismatic church there in Phoenix, AZ.  I was really at a loss for words...

Brian "Head" Welch  and John Crowder

Welch's Present Day Rotten Fruit

I am not real big on Christian rap, however, there is a Christian rapper by the name of Shai Linne who recently put out a very sound and admirable song exposing well documented false teachers, simply called "False Teachers".  According to sources, Brian "Head" Welch had a few words about it and disapproved of this expose of false teachers.  (scroll to 10 minutes in and they talk about Welch).  Just last night, I interacted with someone on YouTube concerning this, and they informed me that when Welch was confronted with his associations with Crowder, he deleted the comments and blocked the people.  (see photos below)

my initial comment on the video

the person responding to my comment

proof that they were responding to me #1

proof that they were responding to me #2

Another thing that is troubling about Welch, is his recent band image.  As Christians we are called to be Holy, to refrain from evil. In 1 Thessalonians 5:22 is says "Abstain from all appearance of evil."  In Psalms 101:3 David wrote"I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside, it shall not cleave to me."  But as you will see of the images below of one of his band members having eyes like that of a possessed man.  An image of Welch and his band members having fingers like that of a monster or alien...please tell me, does that convey the characteristics of a spirit filled Christian walking in purity and holiness?

In January Welch came out saying that due to recent shows he had done with his former band Korn, that reuniting wasn't out of the question (see here).  Why would a professed Christian, go back to the lifestyle that he professed to leave behind?  The motive of this post, is not to judge Welch's heart, but to bring to light the lack of fruit this man is producing, especially since his impact on young professing Christians is pretty large.  I know people who are probably unaware of the associations and images etc., that this guy is involved with.  But I also know that there are young kids who really don't know any better, who aren't biblically literate, and who see this displayed and are getting a wrong view on what True Christianity is suppose to that regard my heart aches the most.

I pray that any one who has had doubts on the severity and crisis that Christendom really is in, will strongly reconsider their passivity and ask God to sharpen their discernment and shed light on all that really is going on. I also pray, that if there was ever a time that Brian "Head" Welch was truly saved by the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, that he will come back to the Truth.

Ephesians 5:11

King James Version (KJV)
11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.


  1. Wow. Thank you for this article. T. W.

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  3. This just makes me sad. I couldnt help but to get angry whrn i read this. I thought what Brian was doing was amazing and i was proud to see one of my favorite musicians living for God. But there is no excuse for some of that crap. Thats horrible. And its funny how things work out cause i bought his book save me from myself today. No joke. And today browsing the internet i see this the same day. Dont know if have any motivation to read it now. Just angry.

    1. Matt,

      1 John 4:1 says, Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world. Thanks for stopping by and reading this expose'! Don't be angry at yourself! The Lord lead you to read this article to expose the truth about Welch. Keep the faith in Jesus Christ!