Thursday, November 3, 2011

Drunken Anointing: False Church Revival

This is an outstanding documentary by Andrew Strom called False Spirits Invade the Church- Kundalini Warning. Just because something is popular, and big in crowd numbers in church service doesn't mean that the Spirit of God is behind it. What were seeing is the rise of false prophets, and people following these false revivals are being given over to doctrines of devils that is deceiving the masses. We need to be able to spiritually discern what is the Spirit of God and what is demonic in nature.

Study/Scripture References:

Matthew 24:11 False Prophets Arising

1 Timothy 4:1 Doctrines of devils & seducing spirits

1 Peter 5:8 Being sober and vigilant 



  1. wow this was very enlightening to me, my prayers will be God to shut this down and send the true anointing

  2. @servant of the Lord first of all thank you for stopping by my blog, and leaving a comment. I'm glad this enlighten you. Were living in the last days, and the "great falling away of apostasy" has begun. I believe while a false revival is going on, their also a real Holy Ghost revival going. We need to pray for the people that are being led astray in this foolishness that the Lord opens their to the true anointing.