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Iran and Syria Dream of a New World Order

President Ahmadinejad and President Assad

Iran and Syria have a strong alliance. Both countries support Hezbollah.  Hezbollah receives military training, weapons, and financial support from Iran.  Syria provides the with political support (source). All three share a vision to totally wipe the nation of Israel off the face of the Earth.  Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah are Shia Muslims (Syria's ruling party are the Alwai Muslims which are self describe Shia Muslims.  All share in the belief of the soon coming 12th Imam Mahdi (source).  

Iranian's President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Syria's President, Bashar Al-Assad have a great relationship with each other. In May of 2009 The Middle East Media Research Institute (Memri) stated:

"Mahmoud Ahmadinejad met with Bashar Al -Assad in Damascus, Syria.  In a joint statement issued after the meeting, the two declared the relations between Iran and Syria were strategic and served as example to the region and to the world at large. 
They added that Iran and Syria were leading dramatic transformation in the region, as part of a new world order which would replace the old order that the U.S. has led since World War II (source)." 

Ahmadinejad believes that the appearance of the Madhi (Islamic Messiah) will be ushered in if he brings the destruction of Israel and the United States.  He is dedicated to his role to bring this to pass and to fulfill the Shia Prophecies.  Shiite teaching states that it is within man's power to facilitate the process of the end of days (source). 

Iran and Syria Vision of a New World Order

President Ahmadinejad's vision of his New World Order would be the destruction of Israel as a nation and to usher in the reign of the 12th Imam Mahdi. The Mahdi will establish Islam as a one world religion and a one world government.  The signs of the Mahdi will be:
  1. He won't come in odd year (using Islamic calendar).
  2. He will make his appearance in Mecca.
  3. He will travel from Mecca to Kufa (in Iraq).
  4. He will be a young man of medium stature with a handsome and shinig face and long beautiful hair that flows onto his shoulders.
  5. He will be 40 years old at the time of his emergence.
  6. He will remove all injustice and the entire world will experience overflowing prosperity.
  7. Jesus will return with him and be his deputy.
  8. The 313 who fought with the Prophet Muhammad at the battle of Badr will also return.
  9. People will recognize him because there will be an angel above his head shouting, "This is the Mahdi, follow him."
  10. The other imams and prophets of former ages will return.
  11. He will wear a ring that belonged to King Solomon.
  12. He will carry the wooden staff that Moses held when parting the Red Sea.
  13. His army 313 grown into 50,000(50 will be women).
  14. He will rule for seven years. (source

How would Jesus act as Mahdi deputy in this New World Order, you ask?  Islamic Jesus(Isa) will be the overseer of the institution and enforcement of Islamic shariah law.  He will descend and lead judgment according to the holy Quran.  He will be a great Islamic evangelist that will correct misrepresentations made by Jews and Christians.  He will point people to worship the Mahdi.  He will abolish Christianity and will remain on Earth for forty years, marry,  have children and then die.  He will then be buried next to the Prophet Muhammad (source).  

This is the New World Order that Ahmadinejad and Bashar envision for the world.  It will be a one-world Islamic government and a one-world Islamic religion ruled by the Mahdi.  And assisting the Mahdi will be Jesus. This is a similar scenario written about in Revelations 13 regarding the Antichrist and the False Prophet.  Interestingly enough, some End-Time Prophecy teachers are teaching this now and it could be a possible scenario.

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