Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kim Kardashian gospel of mediums/necromancer

In January of this year, E! Network Channel's popular reality show, "Kourtney and Kim take New York," aired an episode of Kim Kardashin going to visit popular psychic John Edward to receive a reading andto answer a few questions.  Her older sister Kourtney tagged along even though she was skeptical about Edward's psychic abilities.  Edwards summoned the Kardashin's deceased father Robert Kardashin Sr., to give guidance for her life and future.  The reading basically lead the reality star to divorce her husband, NBA Basketball player Kris Humphries after being married for 72 days (source).  Millions of Kim's faithful followers viewed John Edward's handy psychic work.  Edward also told Kourtney that she would have a second child, which was confirmed in November 2011.  But did this reading help Kim or is there another agenda? 

Kim Kardashin Worship 


Kim Kardashin is one of the most talked about people in thie world. She was number three in Yahoo's top 10 search terms for 2011.  In Google United Kingdom's internet celebrity search, she finished number one in 2011 beating out Victoria Beckham for the top spot.  In Kardashian finished second behind Justin Bieber for the top 10 2011 searches.  In 2011 top online searches , she finished number one out of the top 10, and for Aol for top 10 2011 celebrity searches she finished fifth overall.  She is one of the most searched out individuals on the planet!  

Her big fairy tale wedding "Kim's Fairytale Wedding: Kardashin Event" on the E Network! drew an estimated 5 million viewers (source).  She is embraced as a pop icon and sex symbol.  Her fan base shows a definite case of celebrity worship syndrome.  Fans follow her every move, what she endorses, and what opinions she has on certain matters.   She also has over 14 million Twitter followers which is the 7th largest number of followers on Twitter. 

Kim Kardashian's rise to become an American idol has allowed her to gained the hearts of millions and influence her generation.  Just recently the Faith and Reason Religious section of USA Today did an article entitled,  "Kim Kardashin, The Donald trump Bible for money advice."   Despite the Bible having 2,000 verses that talk about money and possessions,  1 out of 10 Americans age 18-34 (Millennials) would take financial advice from Kim Kardashin over the Bible.  Now is that powerful or what? With that being said, how many people would heed her advice to inquire a psychic for guidance?

Evangelist Kim: Gospel of Mediums/Necromancy              


Kim's visit to famous Psychic Medium John Edward for a personal reading is an illustrated evangelistic sermon that validates mediums as an answer to the problems and issues of life without consulting  G-d.  This is a forbidden occult practice in the Bible.   Consulting the dead is a form of divination.  The actual medium occult method Edward used is called necromancy,  It is a form of magic that involves communicating with the deceased by summoning their spirit for the purpose of foretelling future events or to acquire hidden knowledge.

In the video above Kardashian boasts that she had always been a big fan of John Edward, who once had popular television show "Crossing Over With John Edward."  In his show, he talked to the audiences' dead loved ones and delivered messages.  She was happy to speak to her deceased father Robert Kardashian Sr., who has been dead since September 2003.  Furthermore, the reading confirmed and validated Edward's Psychic Medium abilities when he  stated that Kourtney would have a second child.  She was indeed pregnant a couple of months afterwards.   Edward's prediction gave Kim direction in her life.  His reading validated Kim's gospel message of mediums/necromancy.  The display of Edward's "power" has the ability to entice anyone without any type of biblical knowledge to go to a psychic if he or she could read their future and give crucial direction for life's issues.  But was Kim really speaking to her deceased father?  Or was something else at work?

Familiar Spirits are used by Mediums Necromancers

Mediums receive their information from familiar spirits.  It is form of divination in which the medium receives secret information through demonic power.  He or she gets the information from a  spirit guide/familiar spirit that knows the details of an individual family (source). These demon spirits become very "familiar" with the intimate details of a country, city, or family (source).  These demonic spirits are used to entice people into the kingdom of darkness because the hearer of the information is being seduced into the occult by seducing spirits

Familiar spirits gather the information of individuals to bring forth false prophecies to gain access to their targeted victim (source). When individuals go to consult a medium they're actually knowingly or unknowingly consulting the enemy and the power of darkness.  Keep in mind: demonic forces are lying spirits that seek out the destruction of mankind.  They only act like they have someone's best interest at heart.  This is false.  Their main objective is to bring the people that follow them to eternal damnation.

I pray for Kim Kardashian's salvation in Jesus Christ, and that she repents of her sin. This world is not your friend Kim, nor can it give you the love that Jesus Christ can give you if you receive Him as your Savior.

Isaiah 8:19

Amplified Bible (AMP)
19And when the people [instead of putting their trust in God] shall say to you, Consult for direction mediums and wizards who chirp and mutter, should not a people seek and consult their God? Should they consult the dead on behalf of the living?



  1. I find it interesting she is consulting the dead. Her mother has her own church (California Community Church). I wonder what Bible they use. Oh, that's right, they practice Freemasonry (women join the Order of the Eastern Dawn). T. W.

    1. @T.W. good point you would think being a so called "professing Christian" they would not consult demon spirits because the Word of G-d forbids such practices. However, as you stated, if you belong to a secret society that this type of occult practice is acceptable.

      I have heard of women joining Eastern Star. I will checkout the Order of the Eastern Dawn. I've read that H.P. Blavatsky was a Freemason.