Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Last Days Ruling Demonic Strongholds of Youth"

Teen Girls Cutting(Bloodletting) due to depression.

In the fifth chapter of the Gospel of Mark  there is an account of a man that was demonically possessed.  When Jesus asked the demon his name the reply was “Legions”, because he had many demons in him. The Lord showed me by prophetic insight that many demons are afflicting the young people in America today.  There is no doubt that there is a strong correlation between “Legions” and the youth.

Let’s look at the characteristics of Legions and compare it to the youth of today. In Mark 5:4, Legions was hard for any man to tame. Today, rebellion runs deep in the heart of the youth.  It’s hard to tame them or bring them under submission of authority. Also in Mark 5:4, Legions was a violent man.  He violently broke the chains that were in place to keep him bound. As a comparison, youth are prone to violence. Violence is glorified in the music they listen to and in music videos, television programs and movies they watch.  It's also displayed in the video games they play.  And if that weren’t enough, the gang involve­ment of our youth and the high incidence of gun related violence in the schools are staggering.  It is no doubt that violence is a significant part of the youth culture.

In Mark 5:5 it states that that Legion lived around the tombs of the dead. The fascination with death among youth is amazing. We see it in the Goth culture, hip-hop music, and in the world of gang-banging. Homicide and suicide rank number two and three as the cause of death overall.  Among black youth homicide ranks number one with suicide being number three. Legions cut himself with stones in Mark 5:5.  We see the increase of teens receiving body piercing and tattoos today.  In a bloody epidemic called “cutting”  teen girls self-mutilate themselves with razors and knives. This is called bloodletting, which is the act of cutting the flesh to extract blood(see the video above).

This man in the fifth chapter of Mark was bound by “the spirit of Le­gions.”  Before he was delivered he ran around naked (Mark 5:15). Youth are engaging in pre-martial sex and showing themselves naked to sexual perversion. Some, instead of having vaginal intercourse, are en­gaging in oral and anal sex thinking that these methods maintain their virginity and leave them less likely to contract a sexually transmitted disease.
If the we the Church expect to see the youth delivered from Legions or many demons, we have to operate in the fullness of  the Holy Spirit in the example of Christ.  They need to be delivered from sleeping around and be clothed in their right mind to live for Jesus.  It is only then that the strongholds be broken off the lives of our youth.          

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