Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Zombie Attack in Florida: Demons/Drugs/Pharmakeia

This undated photos made available by the Miami-Dade Police Dept. shows Rudy Eugene, 31, left, who police shot and killed as he ate the face of Ronald Poppo, 65, right, during a horrific attack in the shadow of the Miami Herald's headquarters on Saturday, May 26, 2012. Poppo was in critical condition Tuesday, with only his goatee intact on his face, the newspaper reported.

Rudy Eugene's brutal assault on Ronald Poppo is being proclaim as the Zombie Attack in Miami.  Eugene, in a chaotic rage, chewed off most of Poppo's face, leaving only his goatee intact. Eugene was shot to death by police after devouring 80 percent of Poppo's face. 

It was said by Eugene's girlfriend that he was attempting to get off marijuana; that he was sweet and well- mannered, carried his Bible, and was never violent to her. In fact, just days before the attack Rudy attended a Bible Study.  It wasn't like Rudy to become insanely violent.  His girlfriend stated that he must have been under a voodoo curse or overtaken by something supernatural (here). 

CBS4 reported that Eugene parked his car near Tenth and Alton Road in Miami and then walked three miles and in the process, stripped off all of his clothing and and tossed them.  This walk concluded with the brutal attack of Ronald Poppo (source). Officials have stated that the synthetic drug "Bath Salt" known as the new LSD, may have been taken by Eugene which caused the gruesome attack.  

Was this incident a mere act of insanity or demonic supernatural act of violence?

Rapper Big Lurch Cannibalistic Attack

In the video above Big Lurch not only rapped about PCP , but used it.  His music lyric's glorified its use.  Big Lurch, on April 10, 2002, before his brutal murder of Tynisha Ysais, spent the evening smoking PCP with Tynisha's boyfriend Thomas Moore (source).

Big Lurch and many people in western society are ignorant of the fact that when any type of mind-altering drugs are consumed, one is opened up to the demonic spirit world. Lurch was deceived into thinking that he controlled his drug habit and that PCP was a drug that only brought him pleasure.  Instead, he brutally ended young Tynisha's life and is now spending his own life in prison.  It brings Satan and his demons great joy to bring about deception, death, and destruction. 

Drugs/Pharmakeia and Spirit World

In Shamanism, the Shamans make use of plants and drugs for healing purposes.  They also make contact with the spirit world (source). Shamans are found in many religions such as Animism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism, and Taoism and can be male or female. In order to travel in the invisible spirit world, they enter into a trance induced by plants or psychoactive drugs and then make spiritual contact (source). 

In South America some of the Indians use drugs from a variety of plants to contact the spirit world.  In the nation of Brazil, there are the religions of Candomble' and Umbanda that mix Catholicism and some rituals from African and Indian religions. They start their church services by drinking a bitter cup of hallucinatory herbal mixture.  It is after this that their rhythmic mass get under way (here, here).

There are even Native American religions in which Shamans use mind-alternating peyote to enter the spirit world in order to give guidance to others.  Peyote was also used by Native Americans as a rite of passage during the initiation of young people into adulthood (source). 

In the Old Testament the word for sorcery is, "pharmakeia."  Part the practice of sorcery in the Old Testament was talking to demon spirits.  Sorcerers would smell incense in order to alter the brain.  This made it possibe to interact with demons (source).  In the New Testament in Galatians 5:20 and in the Book of Revelation, the Greek word "far-mak-i-ah" is translated into English as witchcraft or sorcery (source). The root word of pharmakeia from the Strong's Concordance #5332 is "pharmakeus," which means, "a drug, spell giving potion, druggist, poisoner, a magician or sorcerer."  It is also where we get the english word, "pharmacy."  Its no wonder that when a person starts to take certain drugs that he or she becomes addicted as if under a spell.  The drugs are literally poisoning their body.  

End-Times Explosion of Demon Possession and Sorcery 

Drug Abuser and a Demonic Stronghold

The Book of Revelation warns of a satanic revival in the "End Times."  There will be an explosion of devil worship, occult practice (sorcery being one of the primary things), and demonic possession. The flames of this satanic revival are being fueled by certain television programs that glorify the occult and certain movies produced by Hollywood.  In addition, drug use is escalating and is going to cause a rise in demon oppression and possession.  

Both Rudy Eugene and Big Lurch exhibited demonic possession just as the demon of Gadarenes in St. Mark 5 who had a Legion of demons. Legion was violent and out of his right mind.  He had supernatural strength and he was running around naked by the tombs. This should be a warning to people all over.  DON'T PLAY WITH DRUGS!  The end result is that demons will overtake you and make a casualty in this spiritual war that is taking place.  

Unfortunately for Rudy Eugene and Big Lurch, both were both deceived by lies of demonic powers that doing drugs is cool.  They were both seduced by sorcery that bought their ultimate destruction. Hopefully Big Lurch will come to repentance before he dies in prison.  It is sad that Rudy Eugene never got the chance to do so.  These young men are examples of what is going to escalate to even greater satanic activity.  Don't let Satan dupe you into becoming a "Drug Zombie."  It may cost you your soul.



  1. well said may jesus guide us and deliver us from all evil

    1. In these "last and evil days" we definately need Jesus to lead and guide us everyday. Because Satan isn't messing around now!

  2. Hey Jerald,

    Thanks for your post. I agree with it and think you are doing great work. The one constant mistake I see in every writing about Pharmakeia is that people point to the problem and the solution.....but don't give those in need any direction in the solution of deliverance by Christ. To simply tell someone they need a relationship with Christ or they need God leaves them lacking.

    You see even those of us who are saved and attending church may have no clue as to how to be skillful in the word to obtain the provisions that Christ purchased for us.

    I feel we who have knowledge of the truth need to seek ways of sharing and teaching how to practically apply the supernatural. Maybe in future blogs you could share how you gain freedom through Christ, how you pray, what you read in the word, how you applied it to your life, what you do when difficulties come.......baisicly try to explain exactly how you grow with Christ......

    God bless brother.