Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Occultism, Spirit of Kundalini Rick Joyner and Todd Bentley

Rick Joyner Kundalini Church Service

Todd Bentley Wife Demonic Manifestation

Please takeout the time read Jennifer LeClaire from Charisma Magazine article called "Jezebel, Occultism and the End-Time War on the Saints"(click here to read).  Her article is very prophetic, and it gives insight to the above videos how "doctrines of devils" have crept into the Church

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    This is both sick and insane. Hypnotic yelling in the mic and all the monkeys start dancing and jumpin and goin into grandmal seizures.Violent head thrashing and spastic fits.


    You sick fools!


    Yo Ricky doo dah....wake up you buffoon.

    Ok...everybody start barkin like a dog


    Slither around on your belly like a snake


    Take this nonsense to hell