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Celebrity Ghost Stories: Is Automatic Writing from G-d?

In November 26, 2011, the hit series, "Celebrity Ghost Stories"  aired an episode with Kim Coles, star of "In Living Color" and "Living Single."  In this episode Coles states she went to her friend who is a life coach who told her of the technique of automatic writing. Her life coach instructed her to go home, quiet herself, meditate, and to write with her non-dominant hand. She went on to tell Coles to ask the spirits of her ancestors to come and speak to her. This spirit goes on save Coles from an abusive relationship.  But did an guardian angel really deliver Kim Coles from an abusive relation?  Does automatic writing come from the true living G-d? Are ghost real or not?  Should a believer in Jesus Christ practice automatic writing? Let's examine these questions.

What are Ghosts?

Are ghost really the spirits of the dead or something else? In reality, ghosts are demon spirits/familiar spirits that imitate a person that has died. Usually mediums call upon these familiar spirits  to receive information.  It is a form of divination in which the medium receives secret information through demonic power.  He or she gets the information from a  spirit guide/familiar spirit that knows the details of an individual's family (source). These demon spirits become very "familiar" with the intimate details of a country, city, or family (source).  These demonic spirits are used to entice people into the kingdom of darkness because the hearer of the information is being seduced into the occult by seducing spirits

Familiar spirits gather the information of individuals to bring forth false prophecies to gain access to their targeted victim (source). When individuals go to consult a medium they're actually knowingly or unknowingly consulting the enemy and the power of darkness.  Keep in mind: demonic forces are lying spirits that seek out the destruction of mankind.  They only act like they have someone's best interest at heart.  This is false.  Their main objective is to bring the people that follow them to eternal damnation.

In his book, "Secret Teachers of All Ages," Famous Freemason Philosopher and occultist Manly P. Hall  had this to say:  

 "The majority of modern mediumistic apparitions are but elemental creatures masquerading through bodies composed of thought substances supplied by the very persons desiring to behold these wraiths of decarnate beings (source)." 

So Hall states a fact that these beings aren't departed souls of someone's love one, but indeed a spirit entity masquerading as that person's departed loved one's spirit. Can someone shout out, "DECEPTION!"     

Automatic Writing and Spirit Channeling

Automatic Writing writing falls under Spiritualism, and is a form of mediumship/channeling  in which an individual allows an outside force or entity to take control of the motor functions in his or her arm to write messages reputedly from either a spirit being (spirit guide or deceased person) or from the individual's own higher consciousness (source).  Methods of automatic writing can be either writing or typing.  A person can also open themselves up to familiar spirits in order to utilize automatic writing.

Some of the examples of New Age writers that claim to have used automatic writing by having spirit guide overtake them are Madame P. BlavtaskyAlice BaileyJane Roberts, and  Ruth Montgomery(source).  There's a major difference between new age automatic writing and a Christian journaling.  In automatic writing a person's hand goes limp and a spirit takes control of the hand and writes for them. Christian journaling however, is the inner working of the Holy Spirit that leads and guides the individual's heart to write (source).  A true Christian would not allow themselves to practice  automatic writing because it is part of the  curious arts of the occult  forbidden by the Bible.

In Merrill Unger's book, "What the Bible says about Demons in the World Today,"  he quotes Rudolf Tishner, a parapsychologist.  He talks about  the danger in automatic writing when practiced in immoderation. Tishner regarded automatic writing as a phenomena known as "motoric automatisms."  He admits that they can enslave a person and break up the integrated psychic structure while ensuring peril to mental and psychical health ("What the Bible says about Demons in the World Today,", Merrill Unger, P. 51-52). 

Simply said, when a person indulges in the occult practice of automatic writing, they become enslaved by the kingdom of darkness.    

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