Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mel Gibson's Passion of Devils and Not Christ

Mel Gibson 2003 movie Passion of the Christ is another gospel(Doctrine of Devils)

Mel Gibson in 2003 brought to the movie screen Passion of the Christ which grossed over $600 million at the Box Office, and caused a few controversies, one them being antisemitism. However, Gibson's version of the Passion of the Christ is not the biblical account, but another gospel (here). Gibson took the writings from 19th century Catholic mystic nun Anne Catherine Emmerich's book, "The Dolorous Passion," which depicts the vision of Emmerich's account of the lives of Jesus and Mary (source).  I felt like Christians were duped into really believing Gibson was used by G-d to make this film.  We all  flocked to the movie theaters in support of this film, unknowingly supporting the non-biblical version of the Passion Week of Jesus Christ from demon lead Catholic mystic nun writings.  This story was not from the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Instead, it's laced with all types of occult symbols and signs. We will explore this in the two videos below.

The Truth About Passion of the Christ

Illuminati Symbolism in Passion of the Christ

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