Saturday, April 13, 2013

Is Economics(Love of Money) Fueling Gay Marriage?

Can you say dollar signs $$$!

I initially wrote this story with GCMWatch back in March 11, 2010, called "For the Love of Money and Same-Sex Marriage," currently the United States Supreme Court is hearing cases on the ban on Same-Sex Marriage in California along with the defense of marriage act(DOMA). If the ban on Gay Marriage(Prop. 8) be lifted so that Same-Sex Marriage would be legal in the state of California, and defense of marriage act is repealed then it is a possibility Same-Sex Marriage would become legalize in the entire United States. Is economics one the factors for the push to legalize Same-Sex Marriage? Let us examine this question.

Although the people of California voted yes on Proposition 8 to ban same-sex marriages, the battle still rages on in the homosexual community to make it legal.  But the battle involves more than just gays and lesbians fighting for and gaining the right to marry both in California and elsewhere. Believe it or not, economics is now playing strong role in the same-sex marriage.  How, you ask?  Through the wedding industry!  If same-sex marriages were legalized everywhere the wedding industry would experience an economic increase through the onslaught of new homosexual clients.  Let me explain…
Forbes Magazine’s online article on June 16th, 2009, estimated that the financial impact gay weddings would have if legalized nationally, would add up to a whooping $9.5 billion if you added engagement rings, banquet halls, wedding dresses, and honeymoons. This would most definitely have a financial impact in our country.  But is it really worth the cost of selling our morality for the almighty dollar?
In the June 15th, 2008 online article, “California Boosted by Gay Marriage Bonanza,” the University of California at Los Angeles did a study stating that the same-sex marriage industry would create 2,100 new jobs.  In addition, the spending of same-sex residences would boost the economy by $683.6 million dollars.  Analysts also feel that California would have a monopoly on the same-sex marriage industry and would cause a boom in tourism business.
When gay activists believed that Proposition 8 would be defeated cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Palm Springs were ready to market themselves as gay-friendly wedding destinations.  Jack Kyser, the Senior Vice President and Chief Economist of the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, said that same-sex marriages would lift local tourist sectors as fears of recession gripped the tourist industry.
First Timothy 6:10 says, “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through many sorrows.” Many lobbyist and politicians are influenced by money these homosexual groups pump into their pockets.  In return these wayward politicians come up with gay-friendly laws and get bills passed through the state and federal governments. It’s all about the Benjamin’s!  The love of money has made these judges, lobbyist, politicians; businesses sell out their morals to the “dolla’ dolla’” bill. The fact is this: behind the wicked collaboration of homosexuals, attorneys, lobbyist, judges, and politicians there is the love of the money same-sex marriages can introduce into the national economy.
Today, Hollywood does an excellent job promoting homosexual lifestyle through movies and television. Let’s remember that Sodom and Gomorrah were prosperous cities in their time.  But despite their prosperity, God still judged them for their unrighteousness.  In the days of the Prophet Jeremiah, Judah was prosperous nation but backslidden from God.  Jeremiah tried to tell the nation to repent and return back to God. However his words fell on deaf ears.  Judah trusted more in their riches and they were eventually judged and taken into Babylonian captivity. 
Updated Estimated Projected  Economic Numbers 2013 for Same-Sex Marriage

In New York City, it has been reported that the city has obtained $259 million boost from Same-Sex Marriage weddings since it was legalized last year (source)

With state of Washington it reported that Same-Sex Marriage will boost the economy of Washington by $88 million in the next three years(source).

The state of Maryland since legalizing Same-Sex Marriage is looking at an estimated $62.6 millions boosted by homosexuals couples spending money on weddings(source).

In a new economic study of the state of Hawaii, they found that if same-marriage was legalized in the state it boost the economy between $46 million to $258 million between 2014-2016, because of increase of same-sex couples visiting the island to marry, wedding ceremonies, and by out of state same-sex couples coming to Hawaii to honeymoon/tourism (source).