Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Does Lebron James Throw-up Illuminati-Satanic Hand Signs?

Lebron James in the locker-room after winning Game 7 2013 NBA East Conference Finals.
Does his hand-sign signify the third straight NBA Final the Miami Heat are going to?

Lebron and Jay Z's Diamond Hand Sign!
Is he just chillin' with the homie or down with the Illuminati?

I believe Lebron James is one of the most charismatic and talented athletes in the world today. I enjoy seeing him play the game of basketball. This article is not slam or slander the young man.  However, the hand signs or hand gestures he makes on and off the court have to be questioned. I'm not attempting to make this some type of Illuminati witch hunt. Do you think the hand signs he throws up are simply an innocent gestures? Are these hand-signs just part of the culture today like giving someone high five? Or are these hand signs more sinister and symbolize something of great evil? 


 Here at End-Time Prophecy Watch, we will run a Survey Poll for the next 30 days about what our readers think. You can leave comments, but please stay within the content of the article. Whether you support or oppose Lebron James' hand signs, please respectively make your arguments.  



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