Saturday, August 3, 2013

Movies, TV, and Books are they promoting the Return of the Nephilim?

 Percy Jackson is Demigod( He is Half god and half human)

Immortal Vampire's Mother and Daughter(Movie Byzantium)

The Vampire Diaries(Relationship between 18 year old girl and 163 year old male vampire)

The Twilight(A male Vampire who has a child with human female) 

The book Hush, Hush (It is about a young woman romance with a fallen angel) 

The Book Demon Made Me Do It(It is a story about a 17 year old girl who father is a demon and her mother is human)

Are movies really promoting the nephilim?

Are television shows promoting the nephilim?

Do you think some of these fantasy books are promoting the nephilim?

Do you think nephilim are real? Will the Nephilim be seen in these last days?

Are the nephilim part of Jesus prophecy in regards to as the days of Noah? 

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  1. Yes, the movies are promoting this. Hollywood is run by occultists that worship these things. From my understanding, demons and fallen angels are not the same. Different Hebrew words are used. Nephilium are fallen angels. They males procreated with human females. The souls of the offspring are demons. T. W.