Friday, May 9, 2014

" Actress Natasha Blasick Sexing It Up With Ghost/Demon Lovers!"

Natasha Blasick: I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost! I just enjoy having sex with ghost!  

Now the latest entertainer claiming she enjoys her sexual rendezvous with a ghost is Ukrainian born actress Natasha Blasick, Blasick states that she had sex with a ghost at least twice. Just recently on the British morning television show called UK This Morning, she states she found her sexual experience with the ghost really really pleasurable(source). Natasha played in the movie ParanoidActivity 2, as the character Vivian, in which three college friends, and a psychic medium summons a ghost. Has Natasha summons a spirit in real life that is now sleeping with her?  Did she really have sex with a ghost or some other type of spirit?  

Ke$ha Sexual Relations With a Ghost!

The first entertainer that made wild claims having sex with a ghost, was singer Ke$ha.  Ke$ha in September 2012 interview,  which  she caused a media frenzy when she went on the Ryan Seacrest radio program on Kiisfm. Ke$ha told Ryan Seacrest she got her inspiration for her song Supernatural, by having sex with a ghost lover, and under going hypnosis for past lives(source/source).

Come On Now Natasha and Ke$ha Sex With a Ghost or With a Demon Spirit?

Incubus(Demon spirit) having sex with a human female 

Both Natasha Blasick and Kesha claim they had a sexual rendezvous with a ghost. In reality both were sexing it up with a demon spirit, which is called a Incubus. An Incubus is male demon spirit that lie upon someone while they sleep especially women in order to have sexual intercourse with them(source). Incubus female counterpart is called a Succubus, which is a female demon that enters the dreams on men, and wishes to have sexual intercourse and seduce men(source).

Normally when a person at feels like something unseen is suffocating them at night while sleeping, it is usually these demon spirits(Incubus or Succubus) at work against an individual(source). Other things that occur when this experience happens to someone, that they feel like their muscles paralyzed, and something is crushing their chest(here).   However, it has been well documented when people that under go this experience either think or call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ this experience stops(here).

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  1. Evangelist Perry Stone and Rabbi Kirt Schneider write about being attacked by male demons. Rabbi stated the experience psychologically harmed him.

    These things are real. I believe the women said it was a ghost for one of two reasons. One, they do not believe demons exist. Two, they think no one will believe them if they say it was a demon.

    Brother Joseph Sciambra said he had sex with Satan himself. You can visit his blog or just Google his name. His book Swallowed By Satan isa must read. He also has videos on YouTube.

    Howard Stern laughed at him when he told his story. It was somewhat funny though. Brother Sciambra also teaches that anal sex is a portal for demonic possession, even among straight couples. He also advises not to practice yoga for the same reason.

    I thought to myself it is no accident the "aliens" perform anal probes and demons like anal activities. Brother Sciambra had the same observation as well. The aliens are in fact demons.

    Friends, if you got demon raped please talk to God about it and ask Jesus to rid you of the after effects. Receive your healing and deliverance in the name of Jesus. T. W.