Friday, December 22, 2017

New Taco Bell Commercial Illuminati Symbolism and Sorcery(Vlog)


  1. This is absolutely ludicrous. I am sure people are on Facebook at the moment talking about all of the most unimportant subjects imaginable and Taco Bell shows an illuminati symbol in everyones face and there isn't a comment. I have no more to say.

  2. I just saw this commercial for the first time today, I do not watch TV on a regular basis, but I have today with games and such. I don’t usually participate in blogs either but I have to say was shocked and speechless...and still.

    1. My post would be identical to yours. Wow just wow!

  3. I think the commercial is meant to be a joke.

    Jerald, have you looked into 666 and Allah? Many are saying the Greek characters translated as 666 look like the Arabic word "bismillah". I think it means "in the name if Allah." People wear that word on a black bandana ON THEIR FOREHEADS. I guess the number/name if the beast is "Allah."