Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Beyonce Touches a Fan Catches Kundalini Spirit and Not the Holy Ghost!

The video above depicts Beyonce touching one of her fans.  To suggest that the fan's touch of Beyonce's hand causes him to catch the Holy Ghost is outright blasphemous!  You can't be on stage shacking your butt, and singing seductive songs and believe that the Holy Spirit is at work. No No No! The Holy Spirit doesn't operate alongside profane things that are against G-d. Can a person really receive the Holy Spirit while worshiping Beyonce? 

Beyonces Imparts Kundalini Spirit to her Fan
7 Chakra Third Eye and Releasing of the Kundalini Spirit

What you witnessed in this video is two things:  celebrity idol worship, and the working of demon spirits or the Kundalini spirit. What is the Kundalini spirit?  It's a spiritual awakening where the Kundalini spirit rises from the spine to the top of the head which merges with the Crown Chakra.  The Crown Chakra is seen at the seat of the spirit in body.  The fiery serpent spirit is then  awakened (third eye). The high frequency of the fiery serpent awakens all the chakras, destroys limitations of all levels of a person's being and finally transforms them into a god or goddess (source).  Or so it says in the Hinduism and occult writings. Another word for Kundalini is Shaktipat. A person can sometimes receive the Kundalini/Shaktipat demonic anointing by the laying on of hands.  The recipient may come off as a drunk with uncontrollable movements of his or her body, uncontrollable laughter, and a light feeling in the head (source). Kundalini will mimic the Holy Spirit, but it IS NOT the Holy Spirit.  It's an unholy spirit from the pit of Hell.

We are living in a time when people will worship the Anti-Christ and Satan himself. As the Book of Revelation reveals, Satan is that great dragon, and in Revelations 13:4 the world will be worshiping the dragon.  Beyonce is doing her job as Satan's evangelist to help prepare the world to receive Satan and his Anti-Christ. So don't be deceived; Beyonce DID NOT help this fan receive the Holy Ghost, but a seducing spirit! Please be aware that Satan and his people can come with lying signs and wonders! Don't get duped people of G-d!


  1. Wow. People are paying money to be tormented by demonic spirits. T. W.

    1. T.W. please see the video(link below) that Good Fight Ministries did on Beyonce called "Beyonce, The Superbowl, Sasha & Satan." She states to the crowd, "everybody put your hands toward me, I want to feel your energy" That spirit wants worship.

    2. You are right. God told the serpent it is to eat dust. People are made of dust so that tells me Satan and demons feed of people and their energy/thoughts. Thank you for the link as well. T. W.

  2. Had someone Anonymously attempt to make a comment today on this post, calling me ignorant, and lacking scholarship! Yet they come to this blog and hide behind commenting anonymously(instead of identifying themselves), and attempting to insult me. Don't feel sorry for me! I feel sorry for you because stop being a Christian! Your arrogance will send you to Hell!