Monday, July 8, 2013

American Idols, Celebrity Worship= Sin of Idolatry

Angelina Jolie pictured as a goddess

In the month of January 2013 we did a two part radio broadcast called American Idols, Celebrity Worship = Sin of Idolatry(here and here). We covered that in this present age celebrity worship has now become a new religion for people, and the celebrities they worship are in reality their god or goddess.  In American society people may not worship the idol gods of stone, wood, bronze, silver, and gold.  However, they do worship actors/actresses, singers, musicians, news anchors, athletes, models, and politicians. These individuals develop faithful followers that follow their every word and move.  However, the Bible warns us about the sin of idolatry.  One may ask what is the sin of idolatry? Let us examine this sin in this expose'.  Are you a person guilty of the sin of idolatry?

What is Idolatry ?

Idolatry is the worship of spirits, persons, or graven images.  It also includes trusting in any person, institution, or thing as having equal or greater authority than G-d and His Word.

In ancient Biblical times the nations surrounding the children of Israel were involved in idolatry. They worshiped all types of gods and goddesses including Chemosh, Baal, Moloch, and Astaroth. Now Yahweh had warned the children of Israel not to worship these idol gods. Yahweh alone was to be worshiped because He was and is the only "true living G-d" and the Creator.  Unfortunately, Israel fell in and out of idolatry which bought judgment upon the nation for disobeying  G-d.

The very reality is this: Israel fell in love with these idols by worshiping them.  In addition, these idols were really demon spirits. Psalms 106:36-37 reveals the truth that these idols were devils that  caused the people to commit acts of abomination and to sin against G-d.    

Celebrities That Are Worshiped 

Politicians Worshiped

President Barak Obama Viewed as Messiah

Sports Stars Worship

 Lebron James is worshiped as a sports star

Media Diva Worshiped as a Goddesss

Oprah Worship

Music Stars Worship

Kanye West portrayed as Christ Figure

New American Religion of Celebrity Worship

If you see people that place more emphasis and time in listening to the music of their favorite artist, watching their favorite television program, or dedicated to their favorite sports team and athlete, rather than worshiping G-d, you are seeing someone who is an active participate in a form of religion.  These people religiously follow their idol news media star, movie and television star, sports star, and/or politician.

The new houses of worship for this celebrity-centered religion are the iphone, ipod, computer, online, sports stadium, movie, music concert, television.  The celebrity worship Bible is the tabloid magazine.  Magazines such as US Magazine and The National Inquirer sell millions of copies each week.  Television programs such as E!, Extra, TMZ, Entertainment Tonght, and Access Hollywood give regular daily updates about their gods and goddesses(source).  

Sociologist Rodney Stark states, "typically people do not seek a faith; they encounter one through their ties to other people who already accept this faith." It's been said that fame is a religion, and celebrities are the gods. Which Idol Should You Bow?

The question is: what celebrity idols do you bow down to daily?  Do you you spend more time listening to ungodly music and watching ungodly music videos? What ungodly Anti-Christian and anti-moral celebrity poster is hanging on the wall of your room?   Do you spend more time reading about your favorite celebrity than you do your Bible? How much time do you spend in prayer versus watching your favorite television show with your favorite actor? Please think about these questions.  If you answered affirmatively to any of them, you might have a serious sin problem with idolatry. Stop bowing down to these celebrity idols! they don't mean your eternal soul any good!

1 John 5:21 warns Christians on the following, "Keep yourselves from idols." Don't bow down to the sin of idolatry! Revelation 21:8 states that idol worshipers will have their destiny in the Lake of Fire. Please keep Jesus Christ first in your life, and you will have eternal life.     


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