Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Flakka Zombie Demon Possession and Drugs(Pharmakeia) Vlog/Blog

Flakka is called the $5 Insanity Drug. For just $5, a single dose can cause severe paranoia, zombie-like behavior, and superhuman strength. The impact of this drug causes the user to have demonic manifestations. We will examine how Flakka, opens up a person who uses this drug, to demon possession. Click to view the video below.

Flakka=Pharmakeia /Sorcery in these Last Days(Revelation 9:20-21).

The Biblical definition for pharmakeia(click the link below):


Please read Pastor Joe Schimmel- Goodfight Ministry Article Flakka $5 Insanity: :



  1. Black magic has been performed on these drugs for when people
    Take the drug they become possessed by a demon